I Think I Am at Step Five

StairsStep one: Decide to talk to doctor, referral for weight loss surgery…check  5/14/2013

Step two: Call surgeon’s office because they haven’t called me…check 5/21/2013

Step three: Call a Center of Excellence surgeon because the one I was referred to is not approved….check 5/21/2013

Step four: Fax new surgeon’s office my insurance and id…check 5/20/2013

Step five: Call to verify because they haven’t called….check 5/22/2013

I just hung up with the patient advocate at Surgical Weight Control Associates in Las Vegas.  She did receive my fax.  She took a brief history and said she could have the authorization as early as this afternoon.

I am literally shaking.

Deep breath….

Granted there was a lot before Step One as I explained in my “A New Beginning” post but for this part of my journey I am on my way.

Two scrambled eggs for breakfast and coffee, yes with creamer and sugar because I have decided to enjoy it while I still can, plus a little hand holding from one of my best friends.

All new beginnings start with a good breakfast and a great support system.

I guess Step Six is waiting nervously for the phone to ring…if it is not, it should be.

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