Reason #7985 to Have Surgery ASAP


About 15 years ago, my family went to a water park.  As I was going down one of the water slides, I slipped and jammed my knee.

The next day I went to the doctor.  All the usual tests later and I was diagnosed with patellofemoral syndrome and sent through physical therapy.

My knee has never been the same since.

Part of the problem is anatomical.  I have wide hips, knock knees and a tendency to pronate when I walk or run.  However, I also have abnormally heavy thighs which increase the pressure on my knee.  Bracing would help.  Unfortunately my thighs are so abnormally large there is no brace made to fit them.

For 15 years, I have been in pain and for 15 years I have gone to doctors for relief.  Without fail, they have all mentioned bracing my knee to help the properly align the patella.  For 15 years, I have seen these doctors look at me and my thighs with vary stages of contempt and disgust as they say, “But your thighs are too big.”  Some go one to kindly suggest weight loss others have been total assholes.  Either way, I have left the room crying not because of what they have said but because I have tried since before I injured it to lose weight.

At the time of the injury, I was a personal trainer at a women’s fitness facility.

I was not out of shape but like the joke goes my shape just happened to be round.

And thus began the last decade plus of my life doing everything I could to help my body not have so much pain in just this one tiny part.

I failed.

I want to lose weight so my knee will feel better.  On the days it does not, I deserve the option of strapping on a brace.

Today is one of the days I wish something, anything could help my knee.

It hurts.

This helps…only as long as it fits around my leg.

knee brace


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