Say It Ain’t So, Doc

Image Courtesy of Quality Stock Photos

Image Courtesy of Quality Stock Photos


I met with my doctor again today.  The whole purpose of this appointment was to ask if he had four months of chart notes about my inability to lose weight.

“No,” was his answer.  “Charting weight loss failure is so tedious,” he continued.

In his defense, we talk about this literally all the time but always as a side conversation a long with whatever is going on at that appointment.  He honestly felt awful because now I have to wait.

For the next two months I will have an appointment just to remind him to chart my weight loss failure.

Even knowing this surgery is in my future, I have been keeping up with my efforts to lose weight.  I have never been more thankful than in his office a few hours ago.

It’s been almost five weeks since he gave me the referral for surgery so I could have been scarfing down all the junk I normally do not let myself eat.  I could have gained by now.  But, I did not do that.  And, I have not gained an ounce.  Despite my fairly normal eating habits and some good effort in the gym and at home, I also have not lost an ounce.

Back to the beginning.

Back to waiting.

Back to patience.

Back to working on new band-friendly recipes.

Back to me.

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