Getting My Irish Up

It has only been a couple of days since I met with my primary doctor and my emotions, attitude about, and thinking about surgery have been all over the place.

No, I am not having a change of heart.  I am still 1000-percent committed to moving forward with surgery–and that is precisely part of the problem–I am ready.


So I copped a bit of an attitude and decided if the local surgery center is not going to bother to call me back then they were absolutely NOT going to get my business including managing my after care with the Lap Band.  It has been three weeks since the patient advocate said she would call my insurance company and I have not heard from her.  So, I started thinking about my other options.

Yes, me thinking is about as bad as it sounds–those of you who know me can please stop laughing now.

I am absolutely anti-Roux-en-Y simply because the thought of such an invasive re-routing of my internal plumbing gives me the willies.  Besides, I honestly think it is a bad idea to traumatize my fibromyalgia body any more than is necessary.  That poor little chick has been through enough and I have brought her to the point she manages pretty fine, most days.

And that is when I started thinking about the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy which also happens to go by half a dozen equally goofy sounding names.  To be honest, the names are partially what initially turned me off to the procedure.  Hey, I’m a writer, a wordsmith, a lover of words so for me these things do matter.

When I started this blog the working title was “Taking a Lap.”  It’s cute, right.  All sorts of word play can happen there.  But, that is not the only reason why I was drawn to the LapBand.  I really like the idea of it being adjustable to my needs.  I also really like it has the least risk and best recovery times of all available surgeries.  Because, again I do have to think very practically about how this self-induced trauma is going to effect fibromyalgia.  In her case, less is better.

However, if I indeed have to travel to Las Vegas for my surgery and my surgery is the LapBand, my follow-up care will be with a surgeon who did not perform my surgery as it is just ridiculous to travel to Las Vegas every month for check-ups.  Besides, like I said, if the local center here cannot bother to return my calls I am sure as hell not going to let them manage my care.

And then I decided, mostly for my husband’s benefit, to attend the local center’s pre-surgery class.

I really do not want to have surgery in Las Vegas.  I have a history of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) so having surgery and then nearly immediately being immobile for several hours to get home could be life-threatening if I develop a clot.  Of course, any surgeon will take precautions but this is my body and ultimately I am responsible for her.

I am sure I was glaring at the doctor the whole time because in my mind I’m thinking, “Your practice sucks you asshole.”  However, I really started to like the guy.  Frankly, it pissed me off.

I was going to take my copped ‘tude and just leave but as luck would have it while the patients were speaking he ended sitting right behind me and my husband.  Before we left, I asked my husband if he had any questions and as luck would have it by the time he answered me the other potential patient stepped aside and the doctor said hello.

Oh sweet mercy!

I took a deep breath, forced myself to maintain a quiet, respectful tone and let him have it.

Graphic courtesy of Quality Stock Photos

Graphic courtesy of Quality Stock Photos

He was not pleased to hear A) My insurance company adamantly insists I am approved to have my surgery at his practice and B) His patient advocate is the only person stonewalling me and C) that I have an appointment with another surgeon in Las Vegas next week.  He assured me he would get to the bottom of this and someone would be calling me.  Honestly, he looked about as pissed as I feel about this whole process.

It is 4:44 a.m. the morning after and the fact that I am up at this time of day really says a lot.  You see that fibro girl is going to have hell to pay for not getting her rest.  I had a hard time falling asleep last night too.

My big thought, the one I think all the time now is “I do not wish to be an obese person and it is time to stop fighting my body and let the surgery compensate for what my body does not want to do.”

I am ready to move forward.

Before I started this post, I did some more reading about the sleeve procedure and learned something new–there is no prohibition of NSAIDs after surgery.  With my current medical history, having to avoid NSAIDs could be catastrophic so I feel better about the sleeve.

I am a writer, like I said, and honestly the thought of renaming this blog with some cute, playful variation of the über clinical cacophony that is “vertical sleeve gastrectomy” is more difficult than letting myself explore the procedure itself.

Las Vegas or fifteen minutes from my front door, lap or sleeve–I need to know.

I am ready to change my life.


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