Thank Goodness For Blogs

Dear Friends,

Today is June 20, 2013 for the past several days I have been watching many of you post your negative reactions to the AMA’s vote to recognize obesity as a disease.

I want to post back.  I want to educate you but I also know I am super vulnerable right now so in this moment I am grateful I have this blog to bare my soul and release my tears.

You see it is you who I am very afraid to share this journey with because maybe you won’t understand what a battle obesity has been for me.

Maybe you will think my decision to have weight loss surgery is a cop out.

Maybe you think I sit here stuffing my face and if I would just stop the pounds would melt away as some of your general comments have indicated.

No, I am not taking them personally because I could bury you in the mountains of data I have amassed on my TWELVE YEAR battle against the DISEASE that is obesity.

There is not one single thing in the way I eat or the activities I do which, on paper, would indicate that in real life I am or should be obese.

Not one of the near-dozen doctors I have been to can explain what is going on inside my body.  Thankfully, they have been willing to listen to my struggles and believe me.

There is something broken–whether it is genes, or hormones, or something else–and I have failed at fixing it.

I have tried.

For some people, for me obesity is NOT a choice but it IS a disease.

My body will not bend to my will no matter how hard I have tried.

I choose to be healthy in all aspects of my life including my weight.



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