Red Light….GREEN Light

After weeks of frustration, uncertainty, and disappointment yesterday I meet Dr. Darren Soong of the Surgical Weight Loss Center of Las Vegas who assured me my medical history including six previous abdominal surgeries would not be a problem for him.


The thought of riding home still worries me.  It’s going to freakin’ hurt!

But after meeting him, I am much more calm about him.  He was kind and knowledgeable.  He said I am the “perfect candidate” and as long as I stay as determined as I am now he really felt like the surgery would give me relief from many of my co-conditions.

Knee brace, come to momma!

In case you have not read my other posts, I have needed a knee brace for a very long time but my thunder thighs are literally so big there is no brace available to me.  Walking around living the best life I can on this unstable, injury-damaged, but non-surgical knee hurts.  Sometimes, it hurts a lot and sometimes it is even enough to limit my mobility which only increases the effects of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and all my spinal conditions.  It has been a damn vicious cycle.  It is time to hop off the hamster wheel.  When every doctor I have says, “lose weight,” when I say “lose weight,” and when I have given that endeavor my all with limited success it is time to explore all options, including surgery.

Of course, I have tried to lose weight without surgery.

When I told Dr. Soong what I had done and how my results did not equal my effort.  His first question was about my thyroid and I assured him my primary and I are on top of it and I am still not losing and that is what prompted me to drive nearly 200 miles to see him.

I really have come to the end of the line.

I live in a body I do not like.

I live in a body who does not like me–my poor knee is doing all she can and I trust that so it is time to help her out.

I know it is not good for me.

I also know more than 10 years of trying is more than enough.

Of course it is still scary to do something this drastic.  However, it is equally as scary to just sit here every day knowing all the good things I do for my body are not yielding good results.

I have decided on the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy as my procedure.  Honestly, I was more interested in the LapBand but when the surgeon’s office local to me would not return phone calls I decided I did not want him involved in my after care at all.  Had I chosen the LapBand I would either have to go to his office or drive back to Las Vegas every few months for band adjustments.

If his office is going to be so rude and disrespectful to a potential patient, they are certainly not going to have my help building their practice to the point they can be certified as a Center of Excellence.

Today this blog was renamed “On My Sleeve” with thanks to my friend S.W. for the inspiration.

I have two more visits with my primary doctor and so lab work to complete but everything should be a go for the end of August or the first part of September.

Now to wait….patiently.


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