Reaching For Joy

A very dear friend of mine frequently reminds me to take “joy in the journey.” What he means is no matter what you are experiencing — positive or negative — to approach it not only with joy but as a journey.

I’ve caught myself doing something that does not reflect joy. When I talk about my weight loss journey, I find myself referencing 12 years of failure frequently. I need to stop reminding myself of these failures because the truth is at no time did I possess the very specific tool that is weight loss surgery. The statistical truth is: weight loss surgery works and it is work. I am okay with work so it is high time I become okay with enjoying this journey for all its wonderful differences  to all past journeys.

For the past month, I’ve been easing myself into what my life will be like after surgery. I call it practicing. I am following a successful weight loss surgery weight loss rules including no drinking with meals, avoiding those “bad” carbs, taking my vitamins, and drinking tons of water. A little over a week ago, I decided to get really strict with myself. An amazing thing has happened, I am losing weight.

Does this mean I think I do not need surgery? No.

This is a hard life to maintain. Right now I am proving to myself success is possible. However, I am also reminding myself a sleeve will help me to maintain that success for the rest of my life.   Because of my past, I know that if I were to suddenly stop following all the weight loss surgery rules the weight will come piling back on. And I know that because I have been here before. I can look at this practice time realistically and authentically and know for long-term success I have a body who needs the very specific tool weight loss surgery provides.

I never thought I would say that and honestly sometimes I’m tempted to be mad at myself for not coming to this conclusion sooner. But if I take my friend’s advice seriously and look back with joy I can honestly say I know a lot of things about my body that most people don’t know about theirs.

Knowledge is power my friends. I am empowered by what I know!

As I move forward, I can look back on the past month and specifically the past week and I see tons of success. I can also see myself trying to pick that success apart to figure out why it’s different this time.  That is the antithesis of joy.

Joy is not only happiness when things are going well but, probably more importantly, it is peace when things are not going so well.  I have to find a way to achieve that state of joy this time because it was absolutely missing from all past attempts.

Attaining joy is about remaining present enough in the moment to experience the journey.

If this journey to a thin body is also about change this is one of those things I have to change!

Be present!

Image courtesy of Quality Stock Photos

Image courtesy of Quality Stock Photos



3 thoughts on “Reaching For Joy

  1. Because of the way you are approaching this, you will do well. From what I read you have a great attitude and a realistic approach. You are exactly right, surgery is a tool. It’s not a quick fix, it’s not the easy way out some make it out to be. What my doctor said way back makes a sense, it’s the tool that levels the playing field so that diet and exercise have a chance to work for you long term. Congratulations!

    • Wow…thanks for reading. And, thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it. You sound like you know something about this journey so you must also know what a see-saw it can be. Thanks again!

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