Children’s Chewable Vitamins

Image courtesy of Quality Stock Photos

Image courtesy of Quality Stock Photos

I don’t know whose awful idea they were but BLICK!!!

Oh they’re going to kill me!

I have tried chewing and chasing it with liquid and have come to the conclusion that short of battery acid I do not know of an appropriate chaser.

Today I tried taking one between bites of food.  All I managed to do was ruin the luscious taste of a chicken salad wrap on my favorite Flatout brand wrap.  This time it also burned and fizzed in my mouth which was probably due to the Dijon mustard and tarragon vinegar in the dressing.  Oh it was nasty.  Turned my stomach upside-down too.

From the moment I broke the seal on the bottle I knew these lil’ buggers were going to be trouble.  I must have searched 50 brands of gummies to find one with the iron I am desperately falling short on.  My conclusion is iron tastes so awful they cannot put it a gummy.  Now, I don’t know if that is true but I do know enough to know it is not a good idea to hop on the operating table consistently low on iron.

In all fairness to the creator of chewable vitamins, I have a faint, wispy memory of having problems with prenatal vitamins for the exact same reason–IRON STINKS!  I can and do take “normal” vitamins just fine.

Post-op supplements are crucial to our health.  I already know they will need to be crushed so I thought I’d get a jump on it, buy them now and get myself into the habit of taking them.

Because of the nastiness factor, I am really grateful I have several weeks….many weeks…to figure out how to take these without wanting to barf.  I already know my tummy well enough to know that if she’s even the slightest bit out-of-sorts popping one in my mouth and chewing is a no-go.

My next attempt is going to be pre-crushing one of the animal shaped tablets and stirring it in some yogurt and fruit.  Maybe I won’t notice it that way.

If that doesn’t work, I might actually resort to eating liver.

I hope it works.  I really hate liver.



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