New Information

For the past three or four days I have been bombarded with new information and I admit I am feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed and a whole lot confused.

When I first talked to my husband about weight loss surgery, he asked me one question

Have you really tried everything?

I gave the most passionate, emotional but confident answers I have ever given.

YES!!!!  Honey, I just don’t know what to do to make my body work.  There’s some magic key to making weight loss work and I have never been able to find it no matter what I have done.  You’ve watched me…even you say there is nothing in the way I eat that says I should be overweight.  I love hearing that but at the same time it is maddening because you see it too.  I’m stuck and I don’t know what else to do.

Then he promised to support me in whatever decision I made.

And he has!

The man is a prince!  I have really never known the unconditional love and support I have with him.

And that is why I knew he needed to be the first person I talk to about the new information I have.  As we were on our way out of town I used to the time to really explain the wacky, wild, weird, wonderful thing that is happening…for the first time in my life I am losing weight like a normal person.

As of this morning I have lost, 7.8 pounds and 6.25 inches since 9 July.

Holy…What…The…OMGOSH…Are You Freakin’ Kiddin’ Me????!!!!!??????

Not even on the weeks I delivered babies MORE than 7.8 pounds have I lost 7.8 pounds in a week.

That’s right…giving birth I never managed to lose the weight of the baby thanks to C-sections.

I know as a teenager I knew weight loss like this but that was a really long….long time ago.

My willingness to undergo weight loss surgery has always been predicated on the “fact” that my body doesn’t know how to lose weight…and now I am losing weight.


So if my husband were to come back and ask me the very same question he did at the beginning of my journey, I cannot be as passionate or confident but it is safe to say I am still emotional.

Here are the things I am doing different than any other time in my life:

I eat 4-6 times a day
I do not drink and eat at the same time
I eat on a luncheon sized plate rather than a full-sized dinner plate
I drink at least 80oz of liquid a day
I am NOT exercising like crazy
I do NOT consume artificial sweeteners
I take small bites
I put my fork down between bites

Additionally, I am reading Chris Powell’s blog–the trainer for Extreme Weight Loss and using his “carb cycling” approach.  Thanks to Chris’ awesome advice I broke a 13 day stall–that’s right for 13 days I did NOT lose an ounce.


What was that?

Oh you read it right but let me explain again a different way.

From 9 July-15 July, I lost SIX POUNDS!!!!!!

From July 16-27 July, the scale bobbled–a tiny bit down, a tiny bit up, a tiny bit down, a tiny bit ANNOYING!!!!  (Considering my longest-ever plateau was 11 months a couple of weeks was “just” annoying *read with sarcasm and envision an eye roll*.

But then I did not lose the next 1.8 pounds until I stepped on the scale this morning.

Basically, I lost 7.8 pounds in a total of six days!!!!!  On my own…with a lot of hard work.

I seriously feel like I am in someone else’s body.

I have never had results like these!!!

So, for now I am staying the course but with this new information I am also thinking about surgery much differently than I was even three days ago.

You see three days ago I would have done just about anything to see that scale move…but I didn’t.

I hung in there.

I trusted my body.

I trusted my inquisitive nature and my instincts.

I tried something new.

I’ll be buggered if it didn’t work.

Surgery is a drastic step and one which should not be taken lightly…

…and until the flippin’ scale started moving I did not think I was being too hasty.

Right now, I am looking at over 700 words in this post and all I know is I am going to wake up tomorrow and follow my plan for the day.  If the scale and my body seem to be functioning in the same universe, I know I will have a lot to think about in the three and a half weeks until my next doctor’s appointment.




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