With Grace, I Arrived…..and Am Moving Forward…

***Disclaimer…I thought I posted this on 1 Sept.  I did everything apparently but click publish….ooopsie***

Today is the expiration of my first goal on this new journey.  And I arrived with grace…at least until I started typing.

Then the tears started to well.

I missed my target.

*Why the hell do I have tears…I’ve been fine until just this moment…DEEP BREATH*

But, I did power through the goal.  I didn’t sit down on the last step and pout because I knew I was not going to make it…I pushed through it.

Here’s the photo of my ankles…mind blowing that this is a “good day” isn’t it.  The creases are from my flip-flops.  😦

Oh and this isn't even the worst it's been this week.  Compared to Tuesday and Wednesday, this looks good!!!  Stupid water retention!  UGH!!!

Oh and this isn’t even the worst it’s been this week. Compared to Tuesday and Wednesday, this looks good!!! Stupid water retention! UGH!!!

As far as weight loss goes, this kind of CRAP from my body goes beyond fibromyalgia.  No doctor has ever been able to explain it.  With the amount of water, activity and protein I had yesterday I should NOT be retaining water.  Did you know your body needs protein more than water to process extra water through your kidneys?

It is also not an excess sodium issue as I really hate salt.  I never salt my food and I did not have salty foods yesterday,  “So body WHAT THE HELL!!!!”

Okay rant over!!!

It’s not helpful…okay there for a second it was.  Now, on to the positives…

I stuck to my plan even in the moments I wanted to stress eat this week (it’s been a lil’ bit o’ hell this week).

I HELD A PLANK ON THURSDAY!!!  It was just for a second, two at the most but I did it.

My son squeezed my shoulder and said, “Mom…..you’ve got muscles.”  Major non-scale victory!!!!

And best of all, I looked at my journey with real eyes…I wasn’t perfect and I accomplished more than I thought.

I recorded my true weight so I can start the next goal from that point…something I’ve never done before.

I set my new goal right away…not even a day’s rest…time to FIBRO UP and keep moving!!! literally.

Here are my final results…9 July to Sept 1:

8.6 pounds GONE!!!! and 15 inches LOST!!!!!!!!

Next goals…261 pounds by 6 October with a long-term focus of going under 250 by 15 December….moving forward.


8 thoughts on “With Grace, I Arrived…..and Am Moving Forward…

  1. Oh Echo so proud I am of you. You soldier on better than anyone I know.
    I need to say that I feel awful I have somehow in the last year, make that 18 months have been so self-absorbed I did not realize I was not getting your blog alerts in my email/ Well that would be because you kind of have to tell WP you want them. I have no idea how but your setting and several others reverted back to no notifications. (repaired now)
    Somehow I have missed a whole year of posts while I was absorbed in being my own drama mama, You know splitting up from a marriage is never easy, and after 40 plus years and with Fibro et al I lost myself for a time. I know you don’t base our friendship on whether i read or miss your blog, no more than I do. You have shown me always what an unconditional loving friend and sister of the soul you are.

    You are my rock star diva in dealing with all that you are. I have always loved the rawness you share with. Please continue to Fibro-on.
    My love and gentle hugs to you ~

    • Awwwwwww sweet Echo…please do not worry one little bit and I mean it. I absolutely know what you have been going through and have watched you navigate it with grace. And…..brace yourself it’s about to get more raw…oh the terror I bring to my own life….lol…..just wait, you’ll understand…BUT this is also a VERY, VERY good thing. Please love don’t worry your heart you are always right where I need you and I know how to find you and I know the same goes for you too. You are a gracious, wonderful friend. I love you dear one!

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