Announcing–Proskins Partnership

Those of you who follow along on Facebook might remember me being a coy announcement a couple of months ago about a being contacted via Twitter by a company with whom I would develop a partnership. I was mum about the details at the time but I am very excited to reveal Proskins is the company.

What is Proskins?

I am so glad you asked. They are a revolutionary fitness gear company based in the U.K. They have asked bloggers, including me, to use and review their gear. Most of the bloggers are pro or paid bloggers, but a few, like me, are non-pro or paid bloggers with a niche and a following. As far as I can tell I am the only blogger with fibromyalgia and all her special challenges so I am even more honored for Proskins to recognize my outreach efforts.  As someone in the thick of a stubborn weight loss journey I am very interested in how this product performs against its claims.

Proskins has several product lines but I will be reviewing their Slim line.

Honestly, at first I was skeptical about the company but I have investigated them and read the reviews of over two dozen other bloggers and I am very excited to share this company and my personal results with you.

Just so we are all on the same page, Proskins has given me a free pair of their slim leggings in exchange for my participation in their 28-Day Challenge of wearing the leggings at least eight hours a day and recording my measurements and providing a weekly blog post about my experience. I am taking their challenge a step further and reviewing the product here on this blog and on fibromyalgia THRIVER blog

My reasoning for going the extra mile is we fibro people do have different challenges and expectations than the non-fibro population would so as much as possible I would like to review the product from these two very different points-of-view since the product claims to be helpful with issues that face most fibro patients including edema, fatigue, and temperature regulation. Then here on my weight loss and fitness blog I will limit my reviews to that scope only.  The Slim product claims include helping with cellulite and inch and weight loss so the reviews on this blog will focus tightly on that aspect alone.

I am excited to share this experience with you and I am grateful to Proskins for coming into my life at a moment when I needed to do something like this. It is rather difficult for me to be trapped–oh I know I rarely use such a negative description about my experience with fibro–by fibromyalgia and this partnership helped me see a whole new world of possibilities and new ways of THRIVING with fibromyalgia. Thank you Proskins! You have given me leggings but you have also helped given me new legs on which to stand.

Now for the truly terrifying part…

As you know, I am in the midst of a weight loss journey. What you do not know is how absolutely ready I am to increase the level of transparency about my journey. I have had many conversations with my husband, friends, and especially my counselor about my plans and they have all been wonderfully supportive. However, I would not be a good steward to my emotional and fibromyalgia selves if I did not at least consider the possibility of someone deciding to use my increased transparency as a new reason to mock me. It is never going to stop hurting when people no matter how emotionally close or distant decide to be unkind. Frankly if it ever did, I would worry because the truth is for as fibro tough as I am, I am still a sensitive, tender soul and this past year as been particularly difficult in that regard. And even as I say that I also know I would not be me if I let small-minded people hold me back so it is with great courage and a lot of faith that I push myself in this way. In other words, there will be pictures and it makes me every bit as anxious and ill as my first days as a journalist. Be nice people, please.

Sometime by Monday, my first official review will go up. I say “by Monday” simply because I need to get my husband to hold still long enough to take those dreaded photos so I can include them in my progress blogs. Then for I will continue to post weekly to both blogs through the duration of the challenge.

Proskins, all I have to say to you is you had better be worth it! And if what I have experienced so far is any indication you are! Thanks again for choosing me because it means more than I can ever articulate!


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