Proskins–Week One–A Step in the Right Direction

Into every fibro girl’s life a little pain must fall.  I’m sorry for the delay on updating my Proskins experience but when the pain falls so do I but I am better enough today to write and I am so excited to share my experience with you.

 Just so we are on the same page my blogging is one week behind so I could allow for pain events like the one I am just coming off.  This post details my experience from Sept. 22-28…

Proskins makes a lot of claims about the wonders of their Slim Leggings–so many that it left me feeling skeptical but intrigued.  As other bloggers were joining the 28-Day Challenge to wear the leggings eight hours a day and blog weekly their results, I started reading those blogs with great interest.

Now it is my turn to share my experience with you.Proskins

First, let’s get part of scary part over with…one of the requirements to strike terror into my heart is to publically post my measurements.


What Proskins did not know and could not have known is when they contacted me I was thinking back to other weight loss attempts and realizing publicly posting my stats is something I have never done.

With glee and gusto, I would declare, “I lost two pounds” but I would never reveal my body.






They have taunted me through all past efforts to sculpt myself healthy.

I was already pep talking the hell out of myself to “suck it up buttercup” and that is part of why this blog came to be.  And now thanks to a giant cosmic push from Proskins here are my stats:

Sept 28

Weight: 269.4

Waist: 46

Hips: 54

Thigh: 31.75

Calf: 18.25

Ankle: 9.25

(all measurements are right side since I am right handed)

So there I am in black and white…or in this case black and orange 🙂

Proskins promises to help me shrink those numbers.

Since I recently decided against weight loss surgery and have found more struggle than success along the way I am grateful for all the help I can find.  However, I am skeptical of any product–weight loss or not–which claims any sort of “magic.”

How skeptical am I?

It took me a whole year to try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  I only finally tried them because my youngest son would not stop bugging me about them.



Time…we went to the store.  “Just try them mom…PLEASE.”

Oh and do not worry I remembered that experience and used it to erase some of my skepticism.  Once I tried Magic Erasers, I loved them and have never been without them.

Honestly when Proskins first contacted me several months ago, my waist was way too big for their biggest size according to the size chart on their website and I had the convenient excuse of pending surgery to beg-off of the challenge at that time.

When I changed my mind, I also decided to give the challenge a go.

“What can it hurt?”

I had lost a few pounds but still not enough to fit their biggest size but ordered that size, a 22, and hoped they would fit.

Proskins, your size chart is generous!  Woot, Woot!

I have to say, this is not something us bigger girls find very often.

To give some perspective, today as I am writing I am almost too small for my size 22 jeans and the size 22 leggings have been a bit loose at the waist since the first time I put them on.  As far as I am concerned, it’s not a bad thing though but just know the size chart is generous.  I really would have been devastated to return them because they did not fit.

As I mentioned on my fibromyalgia blog It was love in the first 20 minutes as these magic leggings banished my edema.  Hop over to that blog for more details about the compression benefits.

As much as I fell instantly and madly in love with my Slim Leggings, I still wanted to know if they would help me slim.

I picked the worst possible week to give them a try–not on purpose–it just worked out that way when my edema decided to have an attitude problem and there was no way I was taking the leggings off for a week to wait for ideal conditions in my life.

You see the first week of this challenge it was also my hubs hunting vacation.  I already knew I would be off-plan and eating a lot more junk than normal.  On Chris Powell’s Carb Cycling plan, which I am following, this is the slingshot week but not only was it a slingshot week it was extra, extra calories.

How off plan was I?


I averaged almost 400 calories per day above what I normally eat.

I felt like I was doing the weight loss part of the challenge a disservice but when the leggings banished my edema I honestly did not care if they helped me lose an inch this week so I resolved to go extra hard next week and take Chris’ advice to “Do your best.”

Let me take just a moment to interject, these leggings were an AWESOME layer against the freezing mountain air.  Last year on the same hunting trip under similar conditions, I froze the whole week.  This year I was so much warmer and more comfortable which also translated to LESS pain.

Oh Proskins, you keep me cozy, warm…now I am REALLY in love with you!

Do not think I was not experiencing conflict each time I put a cracker in my mouth.

Hey, crackers are portable and I needed easy to pack food.  My “best” choice under the circumstances.  But oh how I worried about what they would do to my weight loss efforts and I tried to not let those thoughts have too much of an audience because I wanted this time with my hubs to be fun.

It was!  We did not bag a deer but we had a blast!  Plus, I stayed warm and relatively pain-free for the whole week.


When Saturday morning rolled around and it was time for my weigh-in, I timidly stepped on the scale and this is what I saw: 269.4

Wait…what…no freakin’ way!

I ate enough calories to GAIN weight and my weight stayed the same!


I was off plan, eating crackers, a fast food sandwich with 1580mgs of sodium plus other assorted junk, not exercising AND not gaining weight…Proskins Slim Leggings you are my new BFF like FOREVER and EVER!!

I promise you I have been trying to lose weight for over 11 years and this is NOT my normal without Proskins.

But wait…there’s more:

Waist: 45 for a loss of 1 whole inch

Hips: 53.75 for a loss of one-quarter inch

Thigh: 31.75 stayed the same…oy…these thighs are the bane of my existence

Calf: 18.25 not really a surprise because it takes a lot for my calves to move

Ankle: 9 for a loss of one-quarter inch…see I told you my edema was gone…I HAVE ANKLES!!

*Happy Dance all the way out to the yard to tell my hubs…woot, woot!

What I thought was the worst possible week to start this challenge, ended up to be the best week!

I didn't notice it at the time but I just love how the shadow makes me look bigger *sarcasm alert*

I didn’t notice it at the time but I just love how the shadow makes me look bigger *sarcasm alert*

And since one of my goals is to make my experience as close as this fibro girl can get to being on Extreme Weight Loss I decided to be really bold and have my husband take pictures of me in just my sports bra, hot pink of course…like you should be surprised, right…and my beloved Proskins.

See those awesome stretch marks. They have been there since my first pregnancy 25 years ago.

See those awesome stretch marks. They have been there since my first pregnancy 25 years ago.

If Proskins can do this under these circumstances what can they do when I am really focused, on-plan, and trying to lose weight.

What indeed….stay tuned next week to find out…I’ll just give you a hint the week’s not over yet and I’ve blown last week out of the water…oh yeah baby…Proskins I am one happy girl.

Just Remember This Confident Woman Has Feelings.

Just Remember This Confident Woman Has Feelings.


4 thoughts on “Proskins–Week One–A Step in the Right Direction

    • Awww Lily, Thank you! I always smile when I see your name. You probably haven’t been my FB friend long enough to know the Lily, for Calla Lilies, in my own name is there by choice…my totem flower if you will. Thanks again friend!

  1. It sounds like Proskins are something a lot of us fibro girls could use! A product that keeps you warm, keeps the swelling in check AND helps with weight loss? Hmmm. I am very interested to see how much they help through your journey. You can be my ‘try before I buy’ test 🙂
    I know you were nervous, but I don’t think your pictures look bad at all and the fact that you are brave enough to post them tells me that you are not only going to reach your goals, you are going to thrive while doing it. I look forward to reading about your experience in the weeks ahead. Congratulations! You are an inspiration!

    • They really ARE Rebecca! Oh and there’s more I’m holding back 🙂 I told hubs I’m never going to be without them…lol

      Of course you think that silly…they’re not YOUR pictures…LOL…but thank you and please excuse my bratty defense 😛

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