Proskins Week Two–Well Will You Look At That

******Disclaimer….Awwww shoot….I wrote this on Oct. 29 and thought it posted but apparently I clicked “save draft” instead of “publish” because I just found it hanging out it my drafts…..grrrrr…I am so sorry Proskins!

My first non-hunting week with Proskins was a HOT one but I was cool as a cucumber!  You can read more about the temperature control aspect of Proskins on my Fibromyalgia It’s a Real Pain blog  My Proskins Slim Leggings are continuing to keep my edema at bay as well.  I really couldn’t be happier.

But how did their claims to help with slimming and weight loss hold up?

Well, I decided to really put them to the test and NOT go to the gym at all.  I wanted to see what the leggings would do without the added benefit of exercise.


I’m in love…yes, I know I already said that.  But seriously, I am in love with Proskins!

I lost 2.6 pounds!!! without exercise.

I did run my normal errands and I continued my normal stretching to keep my body as flare-free as possible but there was no formal or sustained exercise.

This week’s measurements are: (first number is Sept. 28)

Oct. 5

Weight: 269.4~~~266.8

Waist: 46~~~45

Hips: 54~~~53.75

Thigh: 31.75~~~31.75 (Did I mention I hate my thighs…grrrr)

Calf: 18.25~~~18.25

Ankle: 9.25~~~9.0

(all measurements are right side since I am right handed)

Image Courtesy of Quality Stock Photos

Image Courtesy of Quality Stock Photos

The skeptic in me is sure this is a fluke.

But the realist in me knows I’ve never lost an inch in my waist in one week…EVER!!!

Only time will tell if Proskins really do live up to the hype…I have decided not to exercise next week either just to really put them to the test.

From my decade of weight loss experience, I know if I throw big numbers one week the following week’s numbers are usually a little more modest.  Not exercising again is the only way I will really be sure Proskins are responsible for these awesome numbers.

Proskins YOU ROCK!


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