Attitude Is Everything

Such a weird day yesterday…

It was a great lesson to me so in keeping with my promise to be here more I wanted to share it with you.

My puppy was still recovering from surgery so the only way he was happy and calm was sitting next to me which put me on the couch.  Not the best for fibro, not the best for weight loss. but totally the best choice for my little friend…ehh, it happens.

This also means I was away from my trusty white board reminder calendar of what sort of day and week I aim to have.  It is such a simple thing that yields great benefits.  Honestly it takes me longer to pick out what color markers to use–color is very important to me–than it does to actually write out my plans and goals.

This week I am on Easy Cycle (Chris Powell’s Carb Cycling) to accommodate a busy week.

I cancelled all my plans to stay home with Petey so that meant my lunch reward meal didn’t happen.  I bought tons of fruit (and veggies) on Monday so adding extra carbs were not a problem.

Then…my guys left a bag of Doritos on the table.  An open bag of chips…WHY???  Without thinking I grabbed one every time I walked by.  When I finally realized what I was doing, I stopped but the battle of “It’s Tuesday…you already blew it,” and worse.

I am ashamed to say I was not very nice to myself but I stopped the negative self-talk which was harder than walking away from the Doritos.

By dinner time, my hubs had come home with food poisoning so I decided not to cook since we have plenty of leftovers.

The pup snuggled with hubs so I was “free” so I started cleaning instead of coming to the computer.

I ate a decent dinner, watched/listened to The Biggest Loser, to look for inspiration, and then came to record the rest of my day.

I noticed my white board.

How can I not?  It is right in my peripheral vision every moment I am at the computer.  It is why I lives in that spot.  I only need to barely move my eyes to bring it into full focus

After I sat down, I made the miniscule movement needed to bring the board into full focus.

For each day of the week, I write LC or HC on each day to help avoid confusion but since I am on Easy Cycle this week I also put a star next to the HC for yesterday.

I stared at that little pink star.

Then my day came into full focus.

My whole day turned upside down and the worst thing that happened was maybe 15 chips.

“Well, whattaya know,” I thought.

Okay, I did beat myself up in the moment and that is never good.  However, as I stared at that star I realized those chips replaced the lunch out….And…..for LESS calories.  It’s not often you can say that, right!

I was still feeling bad about blowing my goal to keep just one promise a day this week mostly because I was too wrapped up in keeping Petey comfortable it never thought to make one.  Honestly, I went to bed last night feeling a little let down while being determined to let yesterday be and not carry it over to today.

It wasn’t until this morning I realized overall my “big” promise is always to be real, record everything, learn, grow, and adjust.

I did that yesterday!


The more I thought about it the more I realized how UN-mindful I had been of my very mindful day simply because I was not having the day I thought I would.

While it was an old habit to mindlessly reach for those chips, it did not take long for my new habit to hold up a “stop” sign.

This is a perfect example of how we can be so hard on ourselves when we are really doing good things.

I am really big on dealing with ‘the truth’ about food, fibromyalgia, and THRIVING.  As it turns out, in this case the truth is those 15 chips were part of my plan except my head was not turned on enough to realize it.

My old me instantly assumed I was being “bad.”

When I plugged my BodyBugg in this morning I also learned I did, in truth, hit my calorie burn target for yesterday and actually exceeded it by 8 calories.


A day of holding still more than I wanted, a day not “on my plan,” a day that felt off in every way and I still managed to move enough to not only beat but exceed my target.


That is where writing goals and diligent journaling forces that perspective…IF…I actually manage to read what I have written.  Thankfully, I do.  The writing and reviewing is part of my routine.

My “bad” day, my day where I felt like I was “failing”….was all in my attitude and that’s the truth!


5 thoughts on “Attitude Is Everything

  1. I beat myself up too before I realize that I have the power to correct my mistake. What you thought was a mistake turned out not to be but at least now your new habits are stopping your old habits. It takes a whole lot of diligence to chance a bad habit. You should pat yourself on the back for recognizing that 15 chips was actually better for you than your original plan. You have come so far and I am so proud of you! You inspire me to try a little harder each day.

    • Thanks friend! That old habit is such a hard one to break. I’m good in all areas except when it comes to my weight and body so in those moments of stress and frustration I still think it’s “okay” to say “bad” things to myself. Yes, I know it is not okay but there must be part of me which still believes it because I still do it though not nearly to the level and meanness of the “old” me. Progress is good…expecting perfection is not so good…learning and adjusting is THRIVING and I’ve realized I HAVE to bring that same spirit to this part of my life too.

  2. Attitude. I believe I was about your age when I finally learned the importance of attitude, and I have to admit it was a very hard lesson to learn. But I did learn it and it does make a world of difference in practically everything. In fact, right now I can’t think of any situation that attitude does not play a role.
    Excellent read and a good reminder to me about keeping my attitude right.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, as always! I am sure you would not be surprised to know I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately all the way back to those first days. You darling friend, have been one of the bright spots since the beginning and I am very grateful for you and your constant, gentle, perfect support. Much love to you!

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