A New Beginning *gulp*


Okay, I just had to get that out for a second…coming here to do the weekly update that I not promised to do and forgot about last weekend triggered something in my brain and I figured out my #giveit100 promise….100 weekly check-ins…now that I CAN DO!!!!

What am I talking about?

Perhaps you saw LaKeisha’s now viral video of her 100 days in the gym, if not check it out https://giveit100.com/@LoveThyself.  She is SO inspiring, so much so, I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with my own Give It 100 challenge.

I know my whacked out body has to proceed carefully so, as much as I would LOVE to commit to 100 days in the gym I know that’s not “my” challenge.  But, 100 check-ins is more my-fibro-body-Hashimoto’s-and-everything-else’s speed.  But, weekly?  Nope, daily sounds better and right….and slightly terrifying (it’s good to be slightly terrified when you are trying to change your body or your life…helps keep you on track…at least in my opinion anyway).

I can come here for 100 Check-Ins.  It will be like my 125 Days of Gratitude on my blog, Fibromyalgia–It’s a Real Pain (click to link to Day 1 on that mind-blowing journey).

Hummm, 100 Days of Check-Ins.  Yes, I think I can do that, gulp.

You see 125 Days of Gratitude…easy peasy lemon squeezy.

But, 100 Check-Ins talking about my weight, my body and my anger and frustration and occasional joy with my body…yeah, not so freakin’ much.

So why do it?

Well, you are probably not going to like the answer but one of the life-truths I have found since I became a chronic babe is it is the things I least “want” to do which help me most.

Take my Fibromyalgia–Five Minute Fitness Challenge on Facebook…when I started it I could barely brush my hair without being exhausted and now the proverbial “World is MY Oyster,” (within reason and with accommodations), is one of my truths.

Wait, the https://giveit100.com/ website is VIDEO…oh bloody hell…now THAT’S scary.

*stares nervously at the screen*

Too late something clicked inside and I have already committed.  I know me well enough to know I cannot undo this now (okay…I had to wait to post to see if I could figure out how to do video with my webcam, which of course meant tech support from my kid…lol…(un)fortunately it is possible so I guess I won’t be writing in my broken glasses and messy hair…hey a girl can only go so far until she finds “her” line…and my glasses are, have, and always will me “my” line…it’s all good though…I can do this.)

What did I just do to myself?

Experience tells me it will be good but my gut–both feeling and fat–are kinda nervous.  For as awesome-sauce as I may be in other areas of my life, my body–gah, I can’t even type “my body” without tears.


Guess, that’s the “broken” part that needs fixed.

The tears sort of have a reason that has nothing to do with me.  You see a couple of days ago a dear friend, who I have known for a very long time and who has helped me weather some dark storms, found the post of me in my sports bra and Proskins.  She sent me a rather beautiful note which is going to take quite a bit of time to fully process.  The note was long and lovely and entirely unexpected but Divinely timed.

Yes, I know I put that photo out there and I knew it was something I “had” to do because if contestants on Extreme Weight Loss (and The Biggest Loser) can do it then I can too.  Fibro bodies would not make it on one of those shows but my heart would be willing to have that experience if I had a different body.  Posting that photo was my own attempt at giving myself that experience IN my fibro body.

Anyway, this sweet sister said some really beautiful things about me.  They obviously touched me because I am sitting here in the pre-dawn quiet with tears streaming down my face and my sniffles and snorts are drowning out the crackle and hiss of the fire.

Perhaps I need 100 Days of Check-Ins more than I realize.  I surely ended up needing the 125 Days of Gratitude more than I imagined when I started and I thought I had a really good grasp on what to expect during that experience.

Besides, I know for sure we have at least 100 days before we leave for our cruise–we still have not picked a date but we are thinking the end of April–so having this challenge will help me focus on putting my body in the best shape I can for that adventure.

No, I am not just talking about weight loss.

I know my fibro body so I am working her up to being that active for seven straight days so maybe when the cruise arrives I can float through it with a minimal amount of pain.  And then it’s a cruise, right, so I want to look my best.  My plan along has been to chronicle that journey so I guess I just smashed that all together this morning.

Okay, done.

“Time to FIBRO UP and deal, girlie, 100 Days of Check-Ins is your challenge….now GO GET IT FOR ALL YOU CAN!!!!!!”

**PS…I just checked 100 days from today is April 24 and we are fairly sure we will be cruising April 26…Whoa, way to conspire Universe…How freakin’ cool is that.”



One thought on “A New Beginning *gulp*

  1. Reblogged this on Fibromyalgia–It's a Real Pain and commented:

    I added a new layer of challenge to my THRIVING life. This is a new look at THRIVING while I am convincing my body to lose weight and get stronger as I prepare for my cruise. I hope you’ll check it out and be inspired to make dreams and goals for yourself and then go after them. It’s how you THRIVE with fibro. Muah

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