Plan to Be Surpised, CI#2

Let me back up just a second to say the first rule of success is to have a plan and then follow it.  It is a universal law and covers every aspect of life weight loss, weight loss with fibromyalgia, and THRIVING is no different.

With that, include “Plan to Be Surprised,” to your personal road map because the other universal truth about life, weight loss, weight loss with fibromyalgia, and THRIVING is: Things you are not expecting, did not plan for, and often do not want just happen.

They do!  Fibro is proof of that.  But your success with fibro and, in this context, losing weight with fibro absolutely depends on your ability to adapt to the curve balls hurled with Major League speed and accuracy.

This post is not the post I planned for today because when I started this challenge I promised myself I would give you an unfiltered peek into my world.  This post is supposed to be a sunny, empowering tale of how being willing to learn new things not only keeps you feeling alive and connected to the “real” world but also creates anticipation and excitement in what otherwise can be a dull life.  Fibro IS boring…but you are NOT boring…so giving yourself new experiences helps you remember.

And then a surprise happened…

Last Friday my hubs fell on his already reconstructed knee.  Yesterday morning, it was the size of a cantaloupe.  The doctor at WorkMed said he needs a orthopedist to evaluate it and it is going to be at least 10 days to get in to see one.  The doctor put him on “light duty” but since he works as a delivery driver for a lumber company there is really no such thing as “light duty” so he is going to be home until he is cleared for work.

I love my man but UGH!

My fibro body is having a hissy fit so my plans to hit the gym have changed.  My plans to start this blog with sunny empowerment have changed.  And it’s a good thing I already talked myself into being real and unfiltered or I might be giving you the sunny post–not that there would be anything wrong with that but part of the point of this project is to show you the work I do and friends this is work.

The temptation to feel defeated is strong.

The words “fuck this shit” are flashing like the LEDs on the Las Vegas Strip.

The despair which accompanies those feelings (which also spelling the word “accompanies” starting with an “o” and not being able to figure out why it’s wrong because that is one of the ways pains messes with my head) is trying to creep in.

It would be so easy to give up right now.

The day is ruined, after all.

Or is it?

HELL NO!!!!  It is NOT!!!!

And if you find yourself being surprised by life and it convinces you “everything is ruined” then you have fallen for THE BIGGEST LIE OF FIBROMYALGIA and trying to do anything you REALLY want to do now that you have it.

My goal: LOSE WEIGHT , BE HEALTHY and THRIVING is still in tact.

Life happens buttercup so suck it up sista and find YOUR way to weasel your goal into what ever is going on with your fibro self.  Don’t you dare go lay on that couch and think your day, and worse your whole life, is ruined because you have extra pain.

I am still in charge of what I eat and how I move.  No, I am not going to the gym but you better believe I am still going to move because I know without a shadow of a doubt if I do not move the pain is going to not only intensify but hang around a lot longer than necessary.

I know there is a perception that I skip through my fibro life untouched and unaffected.  There are even some cranky fibro girls who tell other cranky fibro girls not to listen to me because they do not really think I “have” fibro because I am not cranky like they are.  Frankly it is rather hilarious because the truth is the only thing I do different from most is I simply decide to accept the surprise and change my plans.


As it applies to weight loss, I have been in this game since 2002.  I successfully lost over 60 pounds.  Of course, Lyrica and Cymbalta conspired to put it all back on but did I give up?  Honestly for a little while when I was still trying to get a handle on my new life, yes I put it on the back burner but did not use it as an excuse to reach for the bon-bons to “soothe” my pain and sadness.

So already today I know I have to have a new plan.  It is even a little scary because today just happens to be a high carb day on my weight loss plan.  That is high but nutritious carbs and not junk food.  Even still those carbs and my chemistry can create an explosion so I will need to be extra mindful as I go throughout this day.  Pain and an attitude in the process of adjustment are not the perfect ingredients for a disastrous day.  But, look….I already know that…so now it is up to ME to take what I know and THRIVE ON!

DO IT ANYWAY…I “can’t” go to the gym today but you had better believe I will be moving all day and this is how such a day starts, with stretching what hurts, because my goals are BIGGER than fibro:

PS…One my first day, someone I do not know started following my challenge…do you know how exciting and motivating that is!!!!  It’s FREAKIN’ FIBROTASTIC!!!!!!  And you need to feel that more than you need to pamper your pain…I promise.


2 thoughts on “Plan to Be Surpised, CI#2

  1. I watched today’s video and I believe that adjusting your plans with fibro and life’s curve balls is a vital tool to keep in our arsenal. Too many fibro women give up when plans suddenly change or pain suddenly rears its ugly head. As for the ‘cranky fibro girls’ , I have run into so many of them. They give up because they don’t want to try and they have found others (and there is an abundance of them) who have told them that it is okay to give up. If I can not show them that they don’t have to give up on life just because they have fibro, I walk away. I refuse to allow people who have given up, affect my journey in a negative way. What you are doing is amazing! Not many people will even attempt to take back their life once they receive a fibro diagnosis. You are an exception and your enthusiasm is contagious!

    • Thanks friend! It’s hard, as you know, but it’s also worth it, as you know. I have been thinking a lot about my early days with my diagnosis and this is so much better than that. I would rather have a few inches of my life back than being back sitting on my couch thinking there was nothing left but waiting to die. I did get that dark with it. It did feel so unfair after all I had been through. Then I started really thinking about all I had been through, drawing some parallels, and realizing that I had some experience behind me. So I put myself to work using those skills and making them work now. I’m up again and still hurting and I hate the pain but I love me so much more. Thanks again sweetie!

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