Cruise Is Booked, CI#3

My poor hubs was starting to get a serious case of cabin fever so I suggested we use the time to go book the cruise he won last November.

Neither one of us were feeling anything close to awesome this morning but that’s not going to stop either one of us.  I added some makeup and he actually wore a button-up shirt (he usually wears his work t-shirts even when he’s not working).  It was a spectacular 64 degrees today and I was able to soak some sun.

The travel agent was AWESOME!  She was so patient and helpful.  She listened to all my health concerns–I am honestly more worried about my chronic vertigo than fibro–and she gave me some great advice.

Since we won the cruise we needed to clarify the year expiration date but the owner of the agency was out so she just kept answering our questions and then she started playing the “what if” game and found a today-only-special price and we ended up being able to upgrade our free interior cabin room to a wake view mini-suite for what we were expecting to pay for a balcony.  There’s NO WAY I am going to get stuck in a windowless room for seven days so we were upgrading anyway.

Since we are not sure what is going on with hubs injury, we were able to book the cruise for the week of my 45th birthday.  By the time she put in the reservation, the owner came back and okayed everything.

I am SO excited!

We also went out to lunch.  I had a glorious tri-tip steak salad and he had his favorite food, a burger.

In case you’re wondering, my knot is still knotted but interestingly enough some toe touches popped my back in just the right spots and helped release some of the tension.  Yes, I am flexible enough I can touch my toes 🙂  It’s actually one of the ways I keep tabs on my pain–if I can even attempt to touch I am making some serious flare-banishing-progress, if not I’m no where near the end.

Not bad a bad day for a pair of gimpy goats.

Holding still too much at the travel agency has me just below my calorie target for the day so off I go to burn some extra calories.

PS…I changed my challenge to “unlimited” since the cruise isn’t until the end of the year.  I am still deciding how I’m going to work the updates.


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