All Long Days Should End in Chocolate, CI#9

It hasn’t been a bad day.

Just long.

Petey and I had a snuggle and for about 25 minutes I held still and didn’t do a thing but sip cocoa and pet his scruffy little head.  He’s far enough post-op now that he can be groomed and not a moment too soon so if he looks raggedy that’s why.

Yes, that gorgeous cup of cocoa is healthy.  Here’s the recipe:

Tanya’s Dark Chocolate Heaven in a Mug, Serves 1

In one 10 ounce microwave safe mug, stir together about 2 ounces of hot water and 1-2 tablespoons cocoa powder until smooth.  I use 2 tablespoons 🙂 Add sweetener of choice.  I use 2 teaspoons coconut sugar but regular sugar, agave, honey, or maple syrup would be awesome.  Stevia is another alternative but I think it tastes weird in hot drinks.  For heaven’s sake please do not use artificial sweeteners unless you have to.  At this point you can add extracts or spices.  One of my favorites is a few drops of vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon.  Fill mug with your choice of milk.  I use regular whole milk.  Microwave until warm.  Yes, I know some people think microwaves are bad so heat on the stove if you prefer but please don’t lecture me about my microwave use. I’m a grown woman and I don’t think they’re going to be the death of me.  One mug as described is less than 200 calories of whole food, chocolate decadence without the guilt of the fake food packet hot chocolate beverage mix so kick your feet up and enjoy.  Snuggle puppy, optional.

I hit all my weight loss targets today and it feels really good.

I also saw a new number on the scale this morning so that is the sole reason why I pushed through my day.  Motivation is a pain in the ass sometimes.  I would have loved to be a sloth today.  My fibro’s not bad I’m just…wiped out.

Just so you know, I’ve been waiting almost 30 minutes for my video to load on the Give It 100 site.  I think I’m going to stop watching the blinking cursor and go to bed.  It’s already tomorrow and way past bedtime for me.  I’ll add the video tomorrow…if it ever loads.



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