Busy Day, CI#12

Busy is good!

Here’s my To Done List:

Breakfast date with hubs
Long talk about a HUGE, HUGE decision (good but dramatic all the same)
Paint shopping at Home Depot (my personal heaven)
Ceiling fan redeux (made a plain white fan look like a hundred bucks)
Tried to teach hubs how to work video function on my camera…lots of great video opportunities today, LOTS of operator error…lol
Took the dogs for a long walk…just over a half mile NSV alert! (non-scale victory)
Hubs and I gave Petey a haircut, his first after his surgery…he was SUPER scruffy…so it took both of us
Tried to unclog the kitchen sink, the vinegar and baking soda didn’t work so it’s time for something stronger
Dinner…taught me to not to let my hubs bring me pizza…we ordered a new kind that is in square slices…he fed me half of a thin crust pizza *facedesk*Started sucking on antacids…

To read this you might think I was pain-free today…nope.  My knees were having a hissy fit from the little bit of hiking I did yesterday but the worst think I can do when they act up is hold still so I hitched the boys up and took them for a walk. I hate to mention it but it was in the 60s here today so it was perfect walking weather.  Plus I soaked up some extra Vitamin D so it was a total win!

Remember my Weight Loss Bucket List?  Hiking is definitely on the list!!!  Yesterday there was a trail next to the cemetery in Grafton and I couldn’t help but think, “I wonder where it goes.”  I want to take the trail.  I don’t “need” to scale mountains but I very much want a little jaunt up a foot path.

The only thing left:

Clean kitchen…which makes it super annoying that we didn’t go get drain cleaner…don’t ask because I have no logical reason why “we” (read he) didn’t go…it stresses me out to have a messy-kitchen-weekend…we’re always so busy on the weekends so I hate to stop and clean extra messes I would rather just clean as the day goes….sigh


THRIVING today is a direct result of all my weight loss efforts to this point.  I could not have been this busy a year ago without lots of extra pain.  Honestly I’m a little sore but nothing close to out-of-control.

Super excited for my weekly results reveal…tune in tomorrow.


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