Weekly Results, CI#13

My ears are ringing and sore…like bad, bad sore.

My throat hurts.

Blinking is work.

But, I have been bouncing off the walls…kinda isn’t fair that I feel so crappy BUT I reached a milestone today.

This also starts the downward slide through the 15. 2 pounds I gained in 15 days when I started Cymbalta and Lyrica.


“Oh don’t worry about it…just take the meds,” my internist said.

In retrospect, I should have started screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at that very moment.

However, when this pain hits you as such a surprise and your life is upside down the only thing you can think of is MAKE IT GO AWAY and he promised the drugs would do that.  They didn’t.  I would eventually fire that doctor and file a well-deserved complaint against him for negligence.

Anyway, even though these are just numbers these next 15.2 pounds are the only time along my journey I regret gaining.  I had a feeling I should refuse the drugs simply because of the potential for weight gain but I was new and hurting so I made the worst decision about my health I have ever made and swallowed those stupid pills.

15.2 pounds in 15 days…as if fibromyalgia wasn’t enough.

Time to undo that damage….and I’m sick on sick this week…it is also my slingshot, all high carb days, week.

But, I can do this.

On my white board planner, I wrote my motivational mantra for the week:

“The little things go a long way.  The Basics: Water, 5 minutes, Rest, Good Food…Do These!!!!,”

I am sick.

It is not an excuse to give up or fail.

Instead, I can dial myself back to those weight loss basics.  I promise myself I can do that much no matter how terrible I feel.  I have already proved it time and time again.

NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!

Of course, if I feel better I will do better.

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