Holy OUCH!!! CI#15

All was well until shortly after 3 p.m…..and then…..a high pressure system passed right over us.

Hubs and I got in the truck to go to the store and by the time we arrived less than five minutes later I could hardly get out of the truck.


Yes, that IS how fast fibromyalgia pain appears.

It is one of the worst things about fibro.  I mean look at me do I look like I was hurting all day?  No.  I was actually having a decent day.  Hair, makeup, jewelry, cute clothes and then in an instant my day was over.

I limped and winced through the store, came home, and took meds during the day for the first time in weeks and maybe even months.  Of course since I rarely need medication to manage my symptoms my body is reacting strongly.

I am hungry but the smell of food is revolting but thank goodness my man is doing the cooking or we would likely be having cereal for dinner.

My head is fuzzy.

My symptoms are only down to a dull ache since I have given up all strong pain medication and what I do have is just not enough to squelch the effects of what should be a 69 degree day tomorrow .  Oh in these moments I want it…bad…but my body does not like meds and I have been with fibro long enough to know this pain will go away.  It never goes as fast as I want it but it always leaves so my choice is to not keep a cache of strong drugs.

It is just how it works.

I hate it…with every fiber of my being.

I had something really fun planned to…oh well, I can save it for another day.

For now, I am going to slink back to my place on the couch and go for another round with the massage pad.

Tomorrow will be better…at least I know it will be warm.IMG_4376

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