Because I Promised, CI#18

I am wiped out.  Just in the past three days I’ve lost over 10 hours of sleep…no reason…just awake when I shouldn’t be.  Today was a looooooong day…not bad…just long.  Petey actually learned to play fetch today.  He knows how to go after the stick or toy, how to pick it up, how to bring it back, but not how to drop it.  Today he figured out to drop it so we could keep playing.  I think the key was we weren’t at home.  I went to pick up my husband but I didn’t know he would be late so I found a stick and we started playing.  I just checked my BodyBugg and our little game of fetch burned just under 200 calories!   I’m exhausted…so is Petey.  But, even a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to play with him like that.  Progress is good!  I enjoyed wearing my lilac turtleneck today and now it’s time to crawl into my Proskins and go to sleep.  Two more days of slingshot week…so ready to get back to carb cycling.  SO READY!  I am checking in only because I promised I would.



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