Not All Things Go According to Plan, CI#19

Yep, I did not post yesterday.  Let me explain why.  Yesterday morning my bed head and I made a video showing you want a raw moment of pain looks like.  My intent was to do sort of a “before and after” thing the problem is there wasn’t really an after to speak of.  My pain changed throughout the day but not enough to qualify as anything close to an “after” look.  Even this morning I am still hurting.  Pushing these keys is a ridiculous torture but I feel better.  No, better is not pain free.  Pshaw!  I freakin’ wish.  Actually I still have enough pain that I am going to have to be very careful to stay on top of it today so it doesn’t boomerang.  But, that is how a fibro life works.  There is no getting around it.  So this morning I made a second video.  It is almost 24-hours later and was such an eye-opener to me.  I hope it will be for you too.  I didn’t realize how puffy and perma-scowled I am when I really hurt.  That was yesterday.  Today is a new day and I always say when I feel better I do better so that is the plan for today.  Plus, it’s the Super Bowl baby!!!  So excited!!!!

Here’s the two videos…both are longer than the 10-second clip allowed on #GiveIt100 so I hope you’ll take less than 10 minutes and watch them through.

Peace and low pain.  Team Payton all the way baby!!!!


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