How Do You Stay On Track–Couple of GREAT Questions, CI#21

First let me apologize to Sabrina and Gwen for taking so long to get this post up.  These two cuties asked me very similar questions and since they make a great blog post I’m answering them here.  Thanks for your patience….and thanks for reading too 🙂

Sabrina asked how I stay on track from week-to-week and Gwen asked how I stay focused on the journey.  For me those are two different questions.

Basically, I am super, super, super visual so I need visual reminders of what my plans are.

Tonight’s #GiveIt100 video shows two of my favorites.

The white board puts just one day and one week in front of me at a time.  I also love the literal and figurative “wiping of the slate” each week as I erase the old week and prepare for a new one.  Honestly with fibro fog it also helps me remember what day it is and what I am supposed to be eating.  Behind that white board is my box of markers.  Each week I choose a new color palate which coordinates everything.  This week my LC weeks are lime green, my HC days are black, and my reward day is plum.  I also write a couple of inspirational messages to myself.  This week those messages are hot pink and purple.

The poster-sized vision board serves two purposes.  First I had to define what I want and then I needed to collect enough images to represent what I hope to find along the way.  Of course, I also had to take the time to build the board.  Second, it reinforces this weight loss journey as a journey.  No one thing is going to get me to my goal…all of those things are things I need to do along the way to find myself in a dress like the one on the right.  Isn’t it fabulous!!!!

Using my creativity to create the board adds another layer of focus to my journey to losing weight.  The images themselves remind me of what is waiting for me as I read my goals.

Through words and pictures of my own choosing it is my own cheer from my inner cheerleader.  With so many messages to myself, I always find something to help me along the way.  Plus, I have caught myself in weaker moments saying to myself, “You built that…you can build this too (weight loss success).”

Both of these boards live just off my right shoulder.  Even as I am typing this to you, out in my peripheral vision they are bright, colorful reminders of who I want to be and how I want to get there.  If I fall off track, it usually means something big happened because normally these two boards are all I need.    Changing the white board each week also helps put the past in the past while helping me renew my commitment for the coming week.

Honestly, I rarely fall so far off my plan that I would consider it a “failed” day.  There is a huge difference.  A fall is eating the pancakes your husband made for you when it is supposed to be a low carb day.  A fail is eating those pancakes and deciding it gives you permission to go totally off the rails for the rest of the day.

My best advice is to give yourself as many layers of accountability as possible.

Do not fall because you failed to plan.

Do not fail because you cannot remember what you planned.

If these do not work for you, find what does and DO IT!!!!



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