A New Food Find, Simply 7 Quinoa Chips-CI#23

OMGOSH I am getting this done before 11:30 p.m. I am as shocked as you are.

Today is grocery day for me so I am always on the lookout for something new to try.  My plan was to grab some of the inexpensive, yet good, store brand plain Greek yogurt and try a veggie dip recipe.  Sometimes a girl just needs something to help those veggies slide down, ya know.

One of my favorite snack combos is carrots and peanut butter but I just cannot bring myself to putting peanut butter on cucumbers or snap peas.  *shudders*

Honestly, I have been reaching for the bottled ranch dressing but really want to switch myself over to ranch dip made with yogurt. It is the same texture, same experience but so much more nutritious and that needs to be the focus.

One of my mantras is “If I eat it, it has to bring me vitality.”

Am I perfect with that?  Nope.  However the more diet hacks I can find to keep me on plan more often the better.

Maybe because I had dip on the brain or maybe because they were strategically merchandised near the checkout but my eyes found Simply 7’s Quinoa Chips.  Interesting, very interesting.  They actually look like the real thing.

They do NOT disappoint!

They do NOT disappoint!

They also had hummus chips but the nutritional profile was not as good as the quinoa version. My store carried Cheddar, Barbeque, Sea Salt and Sour Cream and Onion but other flavors may be available.

At $3.99 they are well within my “Blow a fiver” limit which means I will not waste more than $5 trying something new.  There are 3.5 servings per bag so they are $1 per serving which is within my budget.

Can I be honest?

I was nervous to try them AND I wanted to rip that bag open as soon as I got in the truck. I’ve been up since 6 a.m. and after three hours of grocery shopping my breakfast sandwich was all used up.


Wait, did you catch that three hours of grocery shopping?  By myself, no less.  Yes, I count it as a workout.

Losing weight with fibromyalgia is about choosing our battles.  I power grocery shop because I taught myself how and the movement is good for me.  I park as many extra spaces away as I think I can get away with, I use the self-checkout if the option is available to use my muscles even more, I rarely ask for help with my groceries unless I REALLY need it, and I also bring them all in myself unless I REALLY need someone to help but I NEVER go to the gym on the same day.  I may be brave but I’m not stupid.

NINE grams of protein in a one ounce serving...take that tater chips.

NINE grams of protein in a one ounce serving…take that tater chips.

So back to the chips, I did not open the bag because I was afraid I would love them and eat the whole bag before I got home.  I also I decided to try them for the first time on camera.

Two forks up!!!

They look similar to Sun Chips but the texture is airy along the lines of shrimp chips or pork rinds (though much more delicate).

The cheddar flavor was good but not as aggressive as I hoped.  When something says it tastes like cheese I want to be hit in the face with CHEESE.  This was the difference between mild and extra sharp Vermont white cheddar.

They have a salty hit but you do not feel the need for a large glass of water.  As a salt-hater, I was pleasantly surprised.

Best of all they are that noisy, crunchy chip-esque experience you would expect–did you hear that crunch—from something calling itself “a chip” is totally present.

The drawback–This is a processed food.

However, in the real world sometimes there is no substitute for the crunch of a chip so if it’s this or that quinoa chips are a huge step up from fried, overly salted potatoes.

Let me just climb on my soapbox for a second.

One of the things which make sticking to weight loss goals is the tendency to not have a variety of flavors, textures, colors, and experiences.  Dieting can be boring!!!!!  Carb cycling can be boring (sorry Chris)!!!!! However, it becomes MY responsibility to make sure I am not bored so finding a decent diet hack with good nutrition becomes a bit of a game I play.  It is fairly decent entertainment sometimes as it turns grocery shopping into a scavenger hunt.

Then there are the days that I just cannot eat another bite of meat.  Low carb days are awesome fat burners, it’s true but if I see another egg or piece of chicken I am going to scream.  While all the different meats have different flavors and you can change that up by adding a myriad of spices, to me meat is the same texture.  Go beyond meat the other protein sources are also soft textures.  Cooked quinoa, a superfood, is still soft….BORING.

Simply 7 has made a crunchy, decent source of protein.  So I say DIET HACK….NSV…..SCORE….WOOT, WOOT!!!!!!….in moderation, of course.

Speaking of carb cycling, with only 12 grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein in a 1-ounce, 130 calorie serving these are totally do-able any day of the week in my opinion.  Add 3 ounces of fat-free seasoned Greek yogurt for dip and you have added 3.5 grams of carbs, 9 more grams of protein and 50 calories.  You could also use seasoned cottage or ricotta cheese if yogurt is not your thing.

If you must, fat-free sour cream would work but it is really one of those “empty” foods in my opinion because it does not pack the protein power of the other choices.

Chuck a rainbow of veggies on the plate and you have yourself a nice, noisy, munchy, crunchy lunch.

Why thank you, I don’t mind if I do…..


*I was not paid for this endorsement.  I was just a hungry, willing dupe unable to resist strategic product placement but sometimes a girl gets lucky.*


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