Pulled My Hip, THRIVED Anyway–CI#24

I am checking in because I promised.  My sweet hubs was trying to be extra sweet today and took my truck and left me his.  The heater in mine is dying so his thought was to give me the one that can melt you just in case the storm blew in early.  Awwwww…. right?  Unfortunately, no.  It was sweet but his truck is higher than mine so I climb in and fall out…literally.  The parking lot at Walgreens is on a bit of a slope.  Yep, I hurt myself.  Pulled my hip.  The rest of my errands were cancelled immediately and I sulked all the way home (at this point I had no idea why he switched trucks so sulking was appropriate).  The storm front moved in and that just means the pull is even angrier.  Sigh.  But if you check out my video you’ll see I was all ready for a day o’ awesomeness.  It was still awesome especially when I found out why my hubs traded trucks but I did not get all the things I needed to do done so that is frustrating.  They will be waiting for me in the morning….unfortunately 😦  However, even with an achy hip I was THRIVING.  BodyBugg confirms I met my calorie burn target and thanks to Fitday.com my food has been on point and that’s the goal no matter what.  The scale showed me a new number this morning so I know it’s headed down.  Losing weight with fibromyalgia is work but I don’t mind hard work.  My hip is telling me it is time to go.  I’ve only been getting about 20 or so minutes in a sitting position so it’s no wonder I met my targets.  Peace and low pain 🙂


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