Catch Me I’m Falling, CI#25

Totally failed eating every three hours yesterday!  Totally failed writing this blog last night but if you’ll look my video was up.  I guess that’s a “C” on the promise to check-in grading system.  But I can go easy on myself because I have the best reason in the world.  My daughter came home for a visit and we could not stop talking.  Best fail EVER!

For all my planning though life still happened.  She was so late getting here I had to reschedule her doctor’s appointment. to Monday so yesterday was more LC than HC.  No big deal.  One of the most awesome things about carb cycling is the flexibility.  I have discipline so I can wield that flexibility as I need.

Then she said there are foods she wants me to teach her how to make that are not going to fit on the carb cycling schedule I had planned and honestly I had a lil’ moment of panic.

Rather than feel frustrated or resentful or that my plan is ruined and either I have to miss out or set myself up for a bigger fail because I can’t stay on track. I took a deep breath and changed “the plan.”

I am going to swap days around and enjoy her time here.  She’s only home every 3-4 months and I’m not going to waste a second!  As a teen she was never too interested in learning to cook some of the more complex things so I never forced it on her.  Now she’s on her own she asked me to teach her some of her favorite things.  No teenage drama, lots of warm, fuzzy feelings now.

We talked a lot yesterday about food and fitness.

This girl came home buffed from all the working out she’s doing and said, “Mom, sometimes I just have to have that 3 by 3 (In n’ Out Burger 3 patties, 3 cheese) but then you better believe I am on track the rest of the day, the rest of the week…balance and move on.”

Dang….I wish I could have been as smart at her age.  Made me proud.  Made me believe I am actually going to be okay once the weight is finally gone because she learned that from me as I made a conscious effort not to pass on bad food habits and complexes to my children.  She has a two pack, her muscles pop when she flexes, and once in a while she throws down a triple cheeseburger.  She also said she’s built her portfolio to the point she’s ready to submit it to modeling agencies and she wants to start UFC training…all in the same breath no less.

Friday’s HC (high carb) turned LC, (low carb), today’s Reward day and we are going to feast–fried chicken and all the trimmings–and instead of Sunday being an LC it will now be HC.

No fussing, no feeling like I blew it, just “balance and moving on.”

CauliflowerBy the way, the dinner she wanted last night…nachos.  Not exactly carb cycling friendly–or are they?  I made nachos for her and the guys and I had “Not Choes”–steamed cauliflower topped with all the nacho toppings.

It would have been SOOO easy to say “Oh it’s HC day so no problem,” but with my timing being off yesterday by dinner I was starving so instead of setting myself up to totally fail I took the extra time to steam cauliflower.

I took the extra second to be present, to be mindful, to realize where I was while still seeing the road ahead.

It has taken me years to get to this point and I still have my moments when I am not thinking as clearly but they are happening less and less.  In the history of my life, this is the biggest Non-Scale Victory there is.

Yesterday ended up LC because I recognized the danger and averted the disaster with a diet hack of cauliflower instead of chips.  Honestly, I like the cauliflower better.

I did have exactly 8 chips and I didn’t feel like I needed any more or that I was “cheated” out of nachos because I’m “on a diet.”

Speaking of the “D” word….

You want to make this real?

You want this to be the last time you fight this battle?

My best advice: Banish the phrase “on a diet” from your vocabulary.

I am not “on a diet.”

I am doing what normal people do….balancing and moving on.

I have a diet which includes all possible foods in moderation and I as a weight loss plan I follow–and adore–Chris Powell’s Carb Cycling program.


I caught myself!!!!!!!!!

Total, amazing, awesome, wonderful break-through moment.



One thought on “Catch Me I’m Falling, CI#25

  1. You are so well adjusted when it comes to staying on track. I tend to go completely blank for a few minutes when my plan gets derailed. Not you. You just re-adjust. I’m a big fan of life hacks. Just wish I could remember them when I need them!

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