Everyone Needs A Little Help, CI#26

As a fibromyalgia patient there are so many good things available to help us manage our symptoms.  One of them is making sure to keep our Vitamin D levels up and we women need calcium to protect our bones.  Few of us can keep our D levels without supplements and yet so few of us make that investment in our health.

When I started this journey bouncing from specialist to specialist, my first set of labs revealed my D levels were in single digits.  Once I increased my levels and then worked to maintain them I began to feel better.  And like I always say when I feel better I do better.  Taking my calcium and D chews is just part of my routine now.  My stable levels have lessened some of my symptoms–not disappeared, not cured–just lessened.  In this case LESS totally is MORE…vitality, energy, more life.

What does this have to do with weight loss?

Only everything.

In addition to be awesome, these two nutrients are clinically implicated in the mechanism of weight loss.  The exact mechanism is not yet clear and there is much debate but where they are needed by the body and benefit fibromyalgia my personal position is they are just good for you no matter which reason you pick.  I do know I am healthier now than I have been in years.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Healthier…with fibromyalgia.

Do you know how good it feels to say that?

If you don’t, why?

What is holding you back from doing things that help with fibromyalgia, help your body stay strong, and are strongly suspected to benefit your efforts to lose weight?

Find your answer.

Take the time and do the work…because when you know YOUR answer you are going to have more power to change your life and that includes your weight…give your body the help it needs.


2 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Little Help, CI#26

  1. I’m having an all-night session without Mr Sandman tonight and found my way to your blog. Fantastic post about Vit D especially. I don’t think most people living with chronic pain know how much it sucks our Vit D levels. Mine were in the bucket too when I was first tested in 2006. My Doc prescribed 5000 iu’s then and today for maintenance I take 3000 iu’s. This is even with living in a climate of over 300 days of sunshine. I can’t imagine how low my levels were when I was in Seattle for 10 yrs.
    Calcium supplements seem more mainstream knowledge, but a reminder is always important. I love how you’re educating.
    Much love my dear Echo ~

    • Thanks for reading dear friend. It just blows me away how many of “us” won’t do this simple thing. I’ve had people tell me it’s too hard to remember to take it. ???????????????????? Much love to you…I cannot wait to check the mail 😀

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