Weekly Results and Sometimes There Is No Compromise, CI#27

I am willing to find all the diet hacks in the world for almost every imaginable food.  And then there is popcorn.  I utterly refuse to compromise when it comes to popcorn especially when I am watching a movie.  They just go together.  End. Of. Story.

Tonight hubs, the kiddos, and I had a movie night and that meant popcorn.

It also means I am over my calorie allotment for the day.

But like I said it is just that proverbial line in the sand I refuse to cross.  I briefly thought about grabbing the bag of baby carrots and I do not feel one bit bad about letting them chill.  I buy POUNDS of carrots each week between me and my boys so I ain’t eatin’ no stinkin’ carrots while I am watching a movie.  It’s just wrong.  Luckily, I do not go to the theater or have movie nights at home often.

Balance and moving on.

I even made my daughter’s phrase part of my inspirational message to myself for the week.

I know I am never going to change my love of popcorn with a movie and so on the other thousands of days when I’m not having a movie experience I will pick those orange roots happily.

Truth time: I was actually really worried and almost started to feel bad.  Then I ran a weekly report in BodyBugg and I am actually still under my calorie target for the week and well over my activity target so for the last seven days my average daily calorie deficit is still almost 800 calories…not that, that justifies the extra calories and going slightly off plan but when it’s movies and popcorn I am just very glad I have had an excellent week to support the tiny splurge.  Next truth time: I am SO glad tomorrow is a low carb day.  I feel so carby and bloated…but I would not have traded this time with my kids for the world.

As for how I did this week:

Lost one pound and no inches (but after losing almost 10 inches in January I am actually glad to see the slow down).

My girl’s not leaving until Tuesday and my husband’s company dinner is Wednesday night so I need to throw down two perfect low carb days between now and Tuesday and then have a modest low, high carb day on Wednesday since dinner will be restaurant food.  Now it is time to do the work.

PS…as of this moment there’s no #GiveIt100 video.  I am having technical difficulties. I have been troubleshooting for an hour now.  I know when I’m licked.  It did this once before and I cannot remember how I fixed it.  I’ll try again in the morning.  Muah!

Update: Here’s the video


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