Three Ring Circus, CI#28

The problem with today:  I’m not sure if I was the Ringmaster or the clown.

Holy Freakin’ OY!!!!!

Exactly 4 hours 5 minutes of sleep last night and I did not stop moving all day….and I’ll be out the door at 6:45 a.m. tomorrow.

For the most part, it was a good day.  My girl and I scored some major loot at the thrift store.  She was so cute looking for fancy cups and funky saucers.  Pure magic for this momma.  But every time I tried to rest something else happened so the closest I came to resting was sewing some loose seams on my son’s hoodie.  Thank goodness dinner went in the slow cooker this morning.  Dinner never was able to be completed thanks to hours and hours of unexpected company who could not catch the hint to go home.   But the shredded chicken lent itself to diner’s choice.  I shredded mine and had it with a huge pile of baby carrots.  It filled the empty space and tonight that is just good enough.  No food fails, I am more than 10-percent above my average daily burn, and my calories are perfect.  I was shy on veggies but plans changed several times and when I left this morning I didn’t see the need to pack snacks in my purse….BUT….I also didn’t eat any junk today.  I’ll take the win.

I lived…ask me tomorrow if I THRIVED :/


Oh cute now I’m burping my supplements…I NEVER burp my supplements….eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..that solves it I’m neither the ringmaster or the clown….I’m the elephant poo…..LOL



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