It’s Just Been A Beautiful Day, CI#32

I was blessed to spend nearly the entire day with my biggest supporter, my sweetheart.

I was able to catch a photo of Bald Eagle fishing for his lunch on the edge of a frozen pond.Bald Eagle

I had an excellent low carb, carb cycling day despite being away from home most of the day.

I took every opportunity to move even though I spent a lot of time riding in the truck.

The proof is in the BodyBugg…look at that day...oh I wish every day could be just like this sort of non-scale victory.  It makes the prospect of losing weight and losing weight with fibromyalgia so much easier.

Some days are always going to be easier than others and today was definitely one of the easy ones.

My best advice is to ride the easy days when they come.  Just let life happen.  Move.  Eat.  Behave yourself.  When it is going well do not mess it up by trying too hard.

I have a hugely busy day tomorrow so this is just the beginning of a couple of really active days.  For what it’s worth yesterday’s walk in the sand did kick my ass…my tush and legs are SORE but I think it’s the good kind and not the fibro kind.


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