Weekly Results–A Sure Sign It Is Time To Change Carb Cycles, CI#34

One of my favorite things about carb cycling is the flexibility of the cycles.  The eating plan is fully customizable to a variety of food preferences and situations so it is very easy to stick to once you get the hang of how to carb cycle.

For me, one of my past struggles has been my body’s keen ability to adapt to whatever I am doing.  I would go weeks and months fighting my body without losing weight and sometimes even gaining weight doing the exact same thing from week to week.

Carb cycling helps me continually throw my body off balance.  Sometimes I can stay on the same cycle for weeks with good results and sometimes my body barely lasts two weeks on the same cycle before I can feel it, for lack of a better expression, poop out.  Not only does the weight loss grind to a halt, but I just start feeling weak, un-energized, un-renewed. However, I do not fall off the wagon.

If I have to admit one good thing about myself I do not just throw caution to the wind and start eating out of spite.

In the past, this scenario used to make me crazy.

And then I found carb cycling.

The moment I found the plan I was hunkering down for the long haul already eleven days into a stubborn plateau.  I figured I had nothing to lose by trying carb cycling.  But I actually did lose.

Three days into carb cycling the scale started moving again.  Instant fan.

And so on a week where I’ve only lost two-tenths pound and who knows how many inches–I could not bear to check–it isn’t exact rocket science to know my body’s gotten hip to me trying to lose my hips.  Whatever babe!

Next week: Easy Cycle…I think anyway.  I wrote it down that way but also gave myself permission to move to Slingshot if by mid-week the scale isn’t moving again.  I planned for the last week of the month to be my slingshot to coincide with my anniversary but if I need to make adjustments, I need to do it.

Last week I wondered if I should move to Classic or Easy but I decided to give Turbo another shot.  By mid-week, I knew my body was not responding but I stuck to the schedule in hopes two more low carb days would bring some results.  Instead, I ended up frustrated.

Yes, it is important to have a plan.  But when it is evident the plan isn’t working it is just nonsense to stick to it.

In defense of the scale, I am retaining enough water to leave divots in my shins.  It’s just one of those things that happen from time to time.

It has not exactly been the best  24 hours personally.  I hurt one of my oldest and dearest friends by telling the truth about a difficult situation.  I do not regret it because it had to be said but I could have been more sensitive to the timing of when I said it.  Sigh.

Then this morning I tripped over my own two feet and hurt one of them.  As the day progressed I could not put weight on my foot.  My hubs says it’s really purple just under my ankle bone. Double sigh.

Oh sweet Monday please bring me good things.



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