The Difference Of A Day, CI#37

To say “I hurt” would be a glorious understatement but I will spare you the expletives.

This morning my husband told me I was sleeping funny on my pillow and I am still wearing the effects all over my neck.  My range of motion is down to less than 10 degrees in the best direction.  The pain has been waxing and waning all day so I have done a “me” and taken advantage of the good moments and nursed the bad.

I was able to take an wonderful walk earlier so I am really trying to hold on to those moments of strength in the now moments when I find myself wishing for something strong enough to knock me out.

Yeah, the pain is that bad.

But isn’t that how fibromyalgia pain works sometimes.  Thankfully, I do not have these days often.

But if you know me at all, how often have you known me to say I just want to be knocked out?

I am taking more drugs and calling it a night.

Here’s my video but the audio’s not transferring 😦

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