Oh Yeah…Well We’ll Just See About That, CI#38

Earlier in the week I made the announcement I was going in search of my “joie de vivre” and my “raison d’etre.”  For you non-French speakers that is “Joy of life,” and “reason for being.”  Honestly that Joie thing is a little hard to come by while the barometer is drunk and bouncing all over the damned place.  But, this morning my “raison d’etre” was kicked swiftly in the pants.

In my community there is a fairly new fitness studio specializing in physical restoration work.  Yesterday the company posted a photo from their Barre (ballet) workout class and I started swooning like the 5-year old ballerina I used to be.  So I responded to the post and asked if they make accommodations for people with disabilities.  My query was promptly responded to with “please message the page with specifics” so we can see how to help.


I took time this morning to respond with enough detail the faceless giver of hope on the other end would understand I’m not messing around when I say I need accommodations.

The reply?

Your best option would be to purchase the assessment package – this includes 3 1 hour private physical restoration classes with Krisen. The first class is an assessment where you and Krisen can talk regarding all your medical conditions and goals that you may have. The price for the assessment package is 165.00, if you break that down you’d be paying 55.00 for each private session. I have seen many of her private physical restoration students transition into group classes just fine after they work with Krisen. She will develop a Pilates-based rehabilitative work out plan tailored to your specific needs to help you with the goals that you and her discuss initially.  I can go ahead and book that for you anytime, just let me know when.

Three, one-hour classes for $165.00 and she is sure I’ll be tuned up enough to take a regular hour-long class.

*you may want to cover your ears and close your eyes*


I could not respond nicely so I took a walk.  I had to leave to go to the store so I decided to put my feet on the riverside trail.

It also gave me an excuse to try out my new Runtastic app.  It charts my course with GPS, lets me store my workouts so I can see the results as well as my progress, and it’s totally fun to play with.  I even used to map my route during a quick trip to the grocery store.

My walk was one mile in 26:43 not including the 7:03 break I took to shoot the video of the river.

Oh yeah, three, one-hour sessions are just going to fix me right on up.

I wonder if she’ll take a check *sarcasm…I don’t even have a checking account*

By the time I came home, honestly I was too tired to be mean or even snarky so I politely thanked the faceless-yanker-away-of-hope and reminded her that I already told her money was a problem and that I already knew I was not ready for full classes.

And the chick responded with an offer to knock $30 off the package deal.

Deep breath.

I again, calmly, explained it has taken me three years to get to the point I am now and three, hour-long sessions is not the help I need at this point.

“I cannot find anyone who will work with me on the terms my body can handle. No big deal. I will keep looking.”

Personal training is a service-oriented business that is completely out-of-touch with providing actual service to non-normal bodies.  Personal training should be a support system for the injured and infirm.

Earlier, when I tried to leave all my frustration on the trail because honestly this is one of the better responses I have received from personal trainers I took some time to write this note in my Runtastic app to help me remember,

“(The name of the studio) is your why.  You can be better than that.”

You see one of my big goals is to become a special populations personal trainer.  I want to help someone just like me–frustrated but too ornery to give up–get some of their life back.  I know it is possible.  I have already proven it time and time again.

Instead of falling into the pit of despair, I did what is so me I should trademark it and narrowed my eyes, felt an empowering mix of determination blended with righteous indignation, drew a visual line in the sand and thought, “Yeah you just wait…all the people like me who are eager to feel better…yeah, they’ll be my clients some day…and I won’t be charging no $55 an hour.”

Hello to my favorite NSV–not giving up.



All at the same time….this is at least my eighth attempt to find professional help…and there will be a ninth, tenth, and five-thousandth, if necessary.

On one hand I am very grateful I have some knowledge and experience already to go with the determination to continue to progress.  On the other hand, most disabled people are not in a position to access the services of people who charge $55 an hour, or more, no matter how good they are at what they do.

I do not know how long it is going to take me but I know I am going to do my part to change it.  Maybe I won’t be able to help people far away from me but for the people in my own corner of the world…oh yeah.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The medical and pharmaceutical industry has disproportionate percentage of our income already–for me it is close to 45-percent of my disability payment–and the only way to reduce that is by increasing health.  Increasing health also takes money and effort.

Gouging people for their health has to stop and I aim to do my part.

Disabled bodies are like the river I was walking next to–they flow at their own rate, at their own speed and it would take significant intervention to change their course.  As owners of those bodies, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to follow the flow.  The more we demand a new course the harder it will be.  However, if we learn to work around the rapids, the oxbow bends, and swirling eddies we could have an amazing ride.  The world is the unforgiving trail.

Thanks stupid company…I already have motivation and determination but today you gave me new THRIVING fuel.


One thought on “Oh Yeah…Well We’ll Just See About That, CI#38

  1. Totally understand why you are so frustrated. I too, have been seriously considering becoming a personal trainer for those of us who have rebellious bodies. The more I look into it, the more that I see that I would end up with a waiting list and I would feel like I was leaving those people out. Too many patients and not enough trainers. Ugh! I’m still working it out. I don’t want to fleece people but I don’t want to short change myself either. I guess we have to start somewhere. May as well be with us!

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