And It Didn’t Even Taste Good, CI#39

My inner domestic goddess was in full force today.  I did laundry, I cleaned, and I even made brownies for my sweet hubs.  As far as getting things done, today was a good day.

So you’ve made brownies, right? You know how that smell gets into everything.

My hair was still damp when they were in the oven so that warm, baked cocoa smell managed to over-power my lavender mint shampoo.  That is a fairly tall order to over-power the lavendere.  So when he came home with dejection written all over his face.  I fed him a brownie.

I decided to have one too.

Yeah, I know it’s not on my plan for the day.

Honestly, it was one of those moments that even while I was cutting them I was thinking, “What are you doing woman?”

But, I sat with my man who is working so hard and noshed and listened.

That 2×2 square was my first flour-filled dessert in….???????????….Gee, I really don’t know….but probably since the holidays.

Less than 30 minutes later the grumbling started.

Every inch of my guts is reminding me why I stopped flouring my insides.  Gluten is hell.

Then my hubs asked, “Is it me or did those brownies just not taste very chocolately?”

I thought it was just me.

I am so used to cocoa-ing up my black bean brownies to the obscene level of richness I love that I thought my taste buds were off.  After all, they were just boxed brownies.

So not only were they weak in the chocolate department they are killing me.

I am swearing off the fake stuff….assuming I live to eat another day.


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