Empty Headed, CI#40

I got nuttin’

It’s been a long, busy day.  The kind of busy that isn’t interesting.  Okay that isn’t entirely true because I gave both my dogs a bath and that is generally about as hilarious as you can imagine but there’s no way I am letting my electronics near that mess.

Other than that, I cleaned my truck, did laundry, washed dishes, went to breakfast with my hubs, ran to the store for a couple of things…busy but boring.

Not a video-able moment in the bunch.

Since this project is as much about keeping my promises as it is the project itself, I made a video anyway 🙂

It’s almost midnight and I’m actually floating too far under my calorie goal today–my body has a fit it I’m more than 1000 calories in the whole–so I am making a nice mug of homemade cocoa–strong on the cocoa powder, weak on the coconut sugar–and heading to bed.

Tomorrow’s going to be another busy day but I’ll try to come up something more interesting.


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