DUDE!!!!!! and Weekly Results, CI#41

Earlier today my hubs and I decided we would leave for our anniversary getaway today rather than wait until tomorrow morning.  Which, of course, means everything we had planned to do by tomorrow morning had to get done.  We’ve been working out butts off!!!!! with yard work and house work and laundry and shopping…well you get the idea, right?

The evidence that at least one of us is no longer a spring chicken is in the fact one of us won’t wake up from a nap and the other is sitting here telling you this story but I’m not naming names.


One of my strategies to being active with fibromyalgia lies in the fact that I try very hard to maintain the same activity level from day-to-day.  It helps my body avoid pain.  I know that sounds a bit screwy but it totally works.  When my activity level changes, in either direction, my pain changes for the worse.  It also makes it possible for me to do more like make a nearly-spur-of-the-moment decision to change our plans without too much body-drama.

Did I nap too?

Of course.

If I need it, I nap.  I did so I did.  It is just how this fibro THRIVER thing works.

But now that I’m up, I am ready to go.


We’re not doing anything spectacular but going in search of a change of scenery and that restoration that only comes from good old fashioned alone time.

So, I will NOT be checking in until around this time on Tuesday.  My plan is to stay unplugged from the internet for as close to 48-hours as I can get.  When I return I will upload videos and add posts.

How’s the carb cycling going?  Well, I’ve planned since the first of the year to make this week slingshot week to give me the maximum flexibility with my food choices.  I am going super low tech and have a notebook and a pen in my bag to write down every bite so they can be logged into Fitday.com when I get home.  I will only be removing my BodyBugg to shower.  And there is plenty of hiking and walking built-in to our plans.

Fun videos when I get back.

My official results for the week:

Inches lost .5Pounds lost 0…technically the scale says I have gained 3.5 but the scale is a lying bitch and frankly I am glad to get away from it for a couple of days.  I’m working really hard to not let the “fake” weight mess with my head.  Honestly, I am likely successful because I do know two things I have been keeping my promises to be active and eat right and I am going away and having fun and my body does NOT get to ruin this time for me.

And we’re off….as soon as I can get him awake…grrrr….DUDE…C’mon!!!!!!



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