I Almost Forgot, CI#45

Last month, I made myself a promise to use Slingshot Week to celebrate how far I have come on my journey including reminding myself to see my success.  In defense of my forgetfulness, this has not exactly been a normal week, slingshot or otherwise.  I remembered at that is the important part.

But what to do?

This has been a big week already and frankly I am in the mood for quiet, or as close as I can get now that my daughter is back home and the busy level of my house has doubled.  I do not know how that child does it but she is a one woman force of nature.  She has been since she was very little.

But, I am sitting here with a puzzled, perplexed look on my face as to how to use the last three days of the week to celebrate.

Perhaps if I could identify the what to celebrate I could find the how to celebrate it.

This has been a super flat month as far as weight and inch loss goes.  I have made progress but it’s not really celebration-worthy.

I did not give up but I am naturally tenacious so that does not feel like a party either.

I have taken on several new experiences but that is just my nature so it does not bring out the confetti and balloons in my mind.

I am just sorta stuck.

I did tell myself I would go try on clothes each slingshot week so there’s that but honestly it feels a bit lame considering I bought new clothes last slingshot week.  My daughter and I are going thrift store shopping for wedding dresses for a photo shoot so I will try some things on but it is just not “clicking” with me.

Last month I wrote:

Progress….I have to see it AND be okay if it is slow AND still make myself celebrate it anyway.

How do I cultivate the spirit of celebration? 

I guess I am looking for that “great idea” feeling.  It’s me so I’ll be obsessed until I find it…I hope it strikes before Sunday 🙂


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