It’s My Party So I’ll Change My Mind If I Want To, CI#42-44

So I know I said I would write individual posts for each of the days I was gone, but I really don’t want to so I’m not going to.  So. There.

I hate the feeling of being “behind.”  Honestly it is causing me more anxiety than I need so this is one of the few times I am going to okay myself to go back on a promise.  I know a big part of this journey is keeping promises and this is the first one I’ve broken.  It’s for a good cause and with good reason so I’m okay with it.

How was my vacation?


Was I on plan?

Most of the time, yes.  But here’s the reason why there were times I was off-plan: we were on a crazy-tight budget.

The hotel and casino we stayed at offered a breakfast special of 2 eggs/bacon/sausage/pancakes and hash browns NO SUBSTITUTIONS for $2.99, for example.  And then there’s the buffet where you can actually score some really nice, healthful options for varying prices throughout the day.  We ended up at the buffet twice and while I made good choices I also scored some extra calories from making too many choices.

However, here’s the good part in my trusty bag was a notebook and pen that I placed beside my plate at every single meal so I could write down exactly what I was eating and record it all, I did.  When I had access to a computer again, one of the first things I did was plug every morsel into and it turned out to be less of a train wreck than I thought.

Yay me!

How was my activity level?

We actually walked everywhere.  Our room was two buildings from the casino and restaurants so we walked to all of our meals rather than driving over.

Then there was The Valley of Fire where I logged over 8000 steps.  Some of them were brutal as I hiked short, unimproved trails to have the best shot of the vistas.

We even managed to cruise a convenience store for AN ENTIRE HOUR looking for souvenirs.  Yeah, blew our minds we were in there that long.  But, I found a funky hat to help keep the sun out of my eyes and off my face when I go walking.  Plus, it will always remind me of our adventure.

It was really interesting to not be able to check my BodyBugg several times a day.  I found myself wondering, “Have I moved enough?”

But, even with the extra calories from over-indulgence and not having all the right resources, I am very PROUD to say I still maintained a deficit each day.

WOOT WOOT!  Non-scale victory happy dance!!!!!

The only downside to our adventure, it was too short.

I did learn some valuable lessons for our cruise in December and all future excursions:

  • Hubs needs to be walking more!!!  His knee is still bothering him but he was struggling more than he should have.
  • I need to practice walking/hiking steeper surfaces and stairs.
  • Bringing snacks is great…if you remember to put them in your bag….must put them in my bag.
  • Charge the camera battery even if it says it has a full charge…only 120 photos…grrrrrr
  • Bring the stupid camera battery charger!  The reason for the compilation videos is because of a dead battery.
  • Bring your swimsuit!!!!  After our day in the valley, we both looked at the hot tub wistfully.  It would have felt GREAT!!!
  • Double check the suitcase after hubs messes with it…he took out my heating pad…I didn’t “need” it but I would have used it if I had it.
  • If it’s over 65 degrees and the day is activity-filled, resist the temptation to wear heavy denim “just in case”.
  • Find a new bag…the one I was using ended up being a giant nuisance!!!!  AND practice walking with a loaded bag. I was surprised how much it threw me off-balance.
  • Make sure hubs as an entire 48 hours to recover before he goes back to work.  My recovery time is one thing but he’s a pain patient too who won’t schedule his own recovery time.
  • Buy a zippered hoodie.
  • Remember you get “vacation brain” so make a transition plan back to the real world.  A good ol’ fashioned To Do list including all your basics but especially “Unpack thyroid meds AND remember to take them.”  grrrrrrrrr

Now, because there’s no cool, sneaky way for me to link the videos in the text so here they are all in a row 🙂

This was the best use of a slingshot week!!!  The freedom and permission were incredible!!!  I love carb cycling!!!!







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