Fail, CI#49


So by the time 5 p.m. rolls around I am already STARVING!!!!

Not just hungry but hungry for RED MEAT.


Scratch that, just bring me the whole cow.


Hubs gets home and there’s a few minutes of chat, chat and blah, blah and then we jump in the truck to run the kid to work and across town to look at a car.

The car was a fail.  Just turning the key made me concerned we were going to explode.  We took it for a spin anyway because we are trying to find something a 6’2″ man and a short, fibro girl can agree on.  The Ford Contour is not that car.  My poor guy had to scrunch down to see out the windshield so even if it sounded decent it was still a no.

It is at this point in the story when I would like to point out we were not in the touristy part of the valley which means we were away from the biggest concentration of non-fast food restaurants.  It just so happens the restaurant we had our first date is one of the few non-fast food in this general area so even through my body was screaming RARE MEAT we ended up at the cute restaurante Mexicano where we met.

Is Mexican food carb cycling friendly?

Yes, on a high carb day and with good choices it CAN be.

Today is Monday.  Monday is LC.  I am already ready to eat an entire cow but I did try to find something, anything that did not come with carbs.

Honestly, this fine establishment has meal-sized, non-carb-laden salads on the menu but my spinach and chicken salad lunch ruined salads for the day.  It wasn’t bad but it was not what my body was screaming for so it failed to satisfy.

Did I mention I’m ready to eat a whole cow?

So what do I order?  A pork tamale and a chili relleno–normally two of my favorites–but these selections at this particular place are two of the worst things on their menu.  I was so hungry I was not even thinking I have already tried them and did not love them.  Not only did I not get RED MEAT I ate food I already knew, but forgotten, I did not like.


The “good news” is my day until this point had been perfect so even this “bad” meal did not kill my day.  It’s not an excuse.  Honestly, it surprised me.

Since I’m spilling the refried beans about my day…my knee is killing me, the bone spurs in my feet that haven’t bothered me for MONTHS (maybe even a year) are screaming for attention, and I am sure the hidden salt in my dinner is going to have me blown up like a toad in the morning.


It’s messy.  It’s ugly.  It’s the truth I promised you.  This feels sucky.


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