Recovery, CI#50

The one bonus of having so much experience in the losing-but-not game is when I fall off the wagon I know to climb right back on.  I have done it so many times it has actually even become mostly drama-free.  I do let myself feel bad, angry, furious, frustrated or whatever else I end up feeling and I try to do it without mentally beating myself up but the getting right back to work part is practically automatic.

My best advice is to do get yourself back to whatever your personal routine is as fast as possible after falling away from that routine.  It saves so much of the mental work of losing weight.

I only say practically because I did have to convince myself to eat breakfast.  I had no appetite this morning.  It could have been from all that extra food last night or it could have been a touch of self-punishment but I don’t really think so but I did consider the possibility.

So to show you I’m right back on schedule I give you the following:


34grams of Kix (this was the bribe to eat)
4oz whole milk (I won’t touch the “lite” stuff)


7.6oz potato baked peel eaten
200g Nalley vegetarian chili
1/2 medium avocado


85grams raw spinach (this is 3 cups)
1oz sharp cheddar cheese
14g real bacon bits (2T)
34g Ken’s Raspberry Dressing (2T)
3T Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar (Trader Joe’s brand…I could drink the stuff…and my favorite diet hack for making dressing go farther)


Ricotta Pancakes with Warm Berries:

  • 1/2c ricotta cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 57g Bob’s GF Pizza Crust Mix (3T)  (This is a nice food hack for recipes calling for GF flour.  It does have a “flavor” I cannot quite describe…very “bready” but it’s inexpensive and keeps those nasty glutens from my tummy without any extra effort on my part.  Have you noticed what a pain in the behind most GF recipes are?  If you don’t have this product regular flour, oatmeal flour, or almond flour would be great substitutes.)

63g frozen mixed berries, thawed and warmed slightly (1/2c)
1/2T Honey

Snack: (This is RARE that I have something after dinner but I really had to convince myself to eat this morning and if I failed anything today it was taking too long to decide eat this morning.  I have way to many hours left to be the mom since my taxi cab duties won’t be over until 10 p.m.  For moments like these my homemade cocoa is one of my go-tos because it combines all the things my body needs in great proportions and it is light enough to not ruin my sleep or trigger nighttime eating habits.)

Homemade Hot Cocoa

  • 1c whole milk
  • 2T cocoa powder
  • 3t coconut sugar

All this yummy food combines for 1639 calories–and at over 100-percent of the RDA for most of the nutrients my body needs.  I’m only a little shy on Vitamin E, magnesium (but I supplement) niacin, thiamin and potassium.  It gives me 60g of fat, 73g protein, 203g carbs and 28g fiber which for a high carb day is pretty near perfect.  The super cool thing is while I videoed my salad I had no idea this is how I was going to present the video so nothing about this day was planned to give me a great outcome to share.  It wasn’t until I noticed how well I managed to pull it out that I decided to share how I recovered from last night.

Yay Me!

This feels so much better than last night!!  Non-scale victory dance!!

**All nutritional analysis from**


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