For The First Time Ever, I Did Not Lie To The DMV, CI#52

C’mon ladies (and gents) raise your hand if you lie about your weight on your driver’s license.

*Sits with both hands down waiting to see the show of hands*

Today, I had to renew my license and for the first time in my life I told the DMV how much I weigh.

It wasn’t even scary.  If anything, it was exhilarating.

I admit I have never told the truth about my weight on the application.  But, today I proudly wrote down 256. Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Okay, okay I left off the .8 but only because I didn’t think they cared.

I thought of rounding it up but why?  It would not be “true” either.

In fact, rounding up would be less true than rounding down since by the time my permanent copy arrives in the mail in two weeks I had damned sure better be less than 256.  So in another first, by the time that hard plastic card slides in my wallet I will actually weigh less than my stated weight.

Umm, HECK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, it felt pretty awesome-sauce to own-up to my weight.

While I was waiting my turn in the photo chair, I even tried to imagine having to, wanting to come back before my license expires to update my weight and photo.  By the time I arrived in the hot seat, I was so excited by the prospect of needing an accurate form of identification that I moved before the flash was finished flashing so I had to hold still for a second photo.

When I took my seat of doom in the waiting area.  My hips started creaking almost immediately but I pulled out my old license which was issued the day before my husband and I were married in 2011.  It says I weighed 240 pounds.  My snort was almost audible.  Yeah, no.  Not even close to 240 was I on that day.  In fact you put the photos side by side and they look the same.  Thanks to I know on 17 April 2011 I was 261 pounds so it is probably a safe bet to assume I am within a couple of pounds of that on 24 Feb 2011.

My hips are in the sort of pain that comes from a fibro girl sitting on hard plastic chairs from hell but the rest of me feels pretty damn great.  I know with all the confidence in the world that I am not the weight on my driver’s license…I am less…or at least I will be in a matter of days.

March 6 2014Hey, this feels really amazing.

In case you did not catch on, 256.8 is a new low for me.  YAY!!!!!

And since this day has been

+ crazy

here’s a stupid video to tell you just that 😛


2 thoughts on “For The First Time Ever, I Did Not Lie To The DMV, CI#52

    • Thanks sweetie. Hummm. I’m not sure why the video would do that. When I do to the site it’s there and so far no one else has noted a problem. Maybe the site was down??????

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