Saving My Neck, CI#57 and #59

Omgosh it is killing me…these spasms are really out of control!  I have pulled out all my tricks and nothing is working.  Sigh.  So in the interest of creating as little additional strain as possible you get a mash-up post.

Day 57

Each week I take some time to sit down, relax, unwind the week and erase the white board calendar I use to keep track.

I love the power of erasing the old week and starting with a clean slate.  I carefully pick my marker colors and I design my new week.

It has become an integral part of my weekly ritual and even though this week started so upside-down I knew the fastest way for me to get back on track was to erase and redesign.

In fact, I love this part of my promising and planning so much this is my second post about it.  That, and I forgot I already did one…lol…but it really is one of my crucial steps.

Kiddos I am exhausted this week and in a ton of pain so it would be so easy for me to forget what I am supposed to be doing.  Taking the time to design this board each week is what is keeping me on track.  Even without this crazy week and extra pain, fibro fog would make it tough to remember what day it is.  My job is to do everything I can to eliminate as many variables as possible.  This $3 planner is my brain when I need it.  This makes it mostly foolproof.  Once in a while I still lose track of what day it is and end up eating the wrong thing on the wrong day.  It happens, fibro or not.

This board helps me reduce those days while getting right back on track when they do happen.

New day, new eating plan. 

No drama.

No excuses.


Day 59

I taught myself something new today.

"Stop taking pictures of me!"

“Stop taking pictures of me!”

On Sunday, Emily got bored and could not resist twirling in her gown.  It is such a her thing to do.  It is such a girl thing to do so of course the guys all missed it.  As I caught her twirling, I started snapping like crazy.  Today I took those single images and stitched them together into a video.  I was actually surprised at how easy it was.

The one photo I did not include in the clip is something she’s been doing her whole life…her “STOP” pose…when she throws her hand up and pops her hip as she yells, “Stop,” most often through a fit of giggles.  I could hear her tiny lil’ girl voice but the little girl with the Simba mane of hair is now a big girl in a wedding dress.

How in the hell did that happen?

I almost started to cry.

This photo is never going to win an award or be on a cover of a magazine but as her momma if someone asked me to show the them the one photo to represent who she is it would be this one.  It is all of her rolled into one–gorgeous, elegant, silly, graceful, funny, and fun with just the right amount of fierce determination for balance.

And now me and my pained up neck are going to take a break.





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