White Flour and Technical Difficulties, CI#61

An empty house meant hubs and I used our gift certificates to the pizza and pasta joint. Obviously, this also means today became my Reward Day which is fine because the flexibility is one of the things I love most about carb cycling.

Had it not been for these certificates dinner would have been much better than several flavors of white flour–garlic bread, spinach fettuccine, bow tie pasta, and Boston clam chowder–it was that or pizza and I just could not bring myself to pizza.  It was good even though it now feels like a wet, paste-y sack in my gut.  However, we did have a great time and that is what matters.  I kept thinking all night if this is what our lives are going to be like after all the kids are gone–minus the flour-y dinner, of course–I could really get used to this.

As for the technical difficulties, something happened to my computer and it’s not playing videos.  The last time it was like this and I tried to upload one it did not work.  My tech guy aka youngest son doesn’t get off work until 11:30 p.m. and I’m not going to make it until then so for now this post will be video-less.  It’s too bad because my hair and makeup is awesome tonight, if I do say so myself.

I am actually looking forward to the coming week and an absence of any food-related events.  It is time for this girl to get back on track.  But, even for the craziness of the past seven days I can look back and see so many more successes than falls and that feels really good.

Man, I wish you could see my hair….Yay, I fixed it…just don’t ask me what I did…lol…on nights like this I love my hair.


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