Weekly Results and B-B-Q, CI#62

My sweet man took over dinner duties.

Should I tell him I was looking forward to all the extra steps from the kitchen to the grill?  Of course not!

I love it when he helps, which is often, so I’ll get those extra steps in tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it is Day 1 of my seven-day challenge to take a walk every day.  It is part of my plan to get back on track.  When I take the kid to school in the morning, I’m packing the dogs in the car and we’re going for a walk on the way home.  I even remembered to attach the do-do bags to the leash handle so I won’t forget them.

Speaking of getting back on track, imagine my horror when I finally remembered to take my measurements this morning and then when I ran a comparison I had nothing with which to compare.  You see Fitday.com only lets me compare results for the past two months and there was zip, zero, zilch, nada.  This means it has been TWO MONTHS since I’ve lost even a fraction of an inch on any body part.

What.  The.  Hell.

Oh hell no.  No.  NO.  N-O!!!!!!!!!

This is me drawing a line in the sand.




So “officially/unofficially” I am up 4 pounds and haven’t lost any inches in at least two months.

Now a word on this “officially/unofficially” business.  My rule is if I am retaining water, which I am, no “gain” counts until it has hung on for two weeks because sometimes it takes my body that long to dispatch the water weight.  Considering at this very moment it is crystal clear judging by the impression of my socks on my feet that I am still retaining a significant amount of water, I am glad I have this rule to keep me from freaking out.  Even with this rule, I would be freaking out had it not been for wearing my newest, and smallest, jeans the past two days and not needing to shimmy to pull them over my hips.  It tells me it is true retention and not real gain.

My very best advice is to learn sometimes the scale lies and when it does it is good to have a whole slew of other ways to monitor your progress.

For example, my waist, hip, and thigh measurements have not increased since my last measurements.  My bust was actually down 1/8th inch but I only record 1/4 inches.

The new jeans fit fine.

The scale is a liar.

It happens.

However, to make matters worse we are broker than broke right now so some of the good things I would normally do to help my body are out of reach and so much so that this week to keep myself from totally failing I am using fit cycle–two high carb days, followed by one low carb–to give myself a track to hold on to.  The fact is 10 pounds of potatoes is the same price as two lovely, single-serve cartons of my favorite Fage Greek yogurt.  When extras like protein powder, cottage cheese, and my beloved yogurt are not possible what else is there to do?  I suppose I could just fail completely and use it as an excuse to be “bad” but you know that’s just not my style.

My big weight loss goal for the week is to focus on what I can change–taking a walk every day and making sure I drink my water–and doing the best with those I cannot–having to do fit cycle versus classic or turbo to stretch the budget.

I do not love it but a good plan I can stick to is better than a great one I cannot.

Besides, I simply do not have the patience or energy to be frustrated all week.




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