Mini Challenge Day One, CI#63

If you read yesterday you know I am challenging myself to take a walk every single day this week.

I have been slacking with good reasons lately but the jig is up so it is time to strike while the iron is hot and put some structure back into my life.

There are no activities or events this week and thank goodness there are no dinners or wonky food moments in the foreseeable future.  In fact, my life is back to its normal routine.  Since normal can become comfortable and complacent, I decided to force myself to move beyond the quiet of my day and go out into the world for a walk each day.

Today I brought the DumDum Twins, my faithful doggies, along for the journey.

I took them to a new trail so there was much sniffing to be had but we did a little over a mile in about 36 minutes.  Not too shabby for a short fibro girl, an old hound doggie, and a spry pup.

Thanks to one of my GiveIt100 pals, I also decided to recommit myself to following The Fly Lady to help me find order in the chaos my house has become while I have been off playing.

It’s barely 1 p.m. and I have finished my zone for the day and it feels great.  I have also exceeded my step-count goal for the day, 3800 steps.

It has been a productive day so far and boy does that ever feel good.


Even though the day is not over, I needed this win more than I realized.  I am so glad for all of these things I do to help me make progress with my life.  My best advice: Find things to motivate you, keep your promise to do those things, and then celebrate your success.  Whether losing weight, battling fibromyalgia, or conquering the world, or at least your little piece of it, have a plan and sticking to it is a good part of the battle.

I also created a new challenge for myself.  Well, technically it is resuming an old challenge but this time I am adding a new layer of accountability thanks to GiveIt100 to actually get it done.  I will be editing my book every single day for the next 100 days and reading aloud my best line for the day.  I have not quite decided how I am going to share that progress but it is what I will thinking about while washing the dishes in just a few minutes.  This book just needs gone from life.  I know, I know, I know I keep saying that and this time I hope I really mean it…lol

My eating’s been on target so far today too and I’m just finishing my 64th ounce of water.

I love Mondays.

It is so rare that I totally biff one.

Today I am THRIVING because I made plans to THRIVE.  I know you are sitting there reading, unseen, and maybe you feel like you cannot do any or all of what I am doing and I want you to know you absolutely can.  Maybe you’re afraid.  Fear is a valid emotion.  But, it is not a useful one.  Whatever is going on in your life…Do….NOT….let that fear hold you back.  Stomp on it and climb your way to the height you seek.  You can do it.


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