Mini Challenge Day Two, CI#64

What a random day!  It’s really been a little bit of everything.  As for my walking challenge, it wasn’t the best day.  I did all my walking in the form of shopping.  When winds are gusting up to 35 mph and the temperature takes a 10-15 degree nosedive, I do not belong outside.  I also have not been able to keep my body temperature stabilized.  I have been freezing all day!

Even without my official walk, I should hit my step goal for the day before I go to bed.  I only need 350 steps and I have a kitchen to spruce up and a kid to pick up from work.  If I miss it, it won’t be by much.

But, I met my activity goal of 19 minutes.  Let me clarify just a little.  That does not mean I moved for 19 minutes straight.  The activity goal is measured by my BodyBugg which uses heat flux (transfer), body temperature, and motion to determine if my movement was enough to “count” as activity.  In other words not all movements count as activity because my body temperature and heat flux were not elevated even though I had been moving.  It takes these measurements every second I am wearing the device.  Today, the longest continuous stretch of activity was 8 minutes while I was buzzing around the kitchen this afternoon.  The other 11 minutes were in onesies and twosies throughout the day.  All movement counts but activity is what matters most for weight loss and physical fitness and it only counts at levels sufficient enough to register real change.

One of the new things I am doing is setting my timer or the alarm on my phone for 15 minutes and sticking to one task, or one room, until the timer goes off.  It has proven to be an effective strategy.  I am getting more movement throughout the day and my BodyBugg is recording more activity minutes not only in total but they are spread out over the course of the day.  It is something I have been working on for quiet a while so I am glad it seems I have finally figured it out.  My house is also getting cleaner.  It’s a nice side effect.

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be similar today so I am not sure how I am going to work around the weather.  I think my plan is to be dressed for a walk when I take my son to school and hope to catch a break.  My second choice would be going to the mall and I really do not want to do that.  I hate the mall.  Either that or the reason why I have not been able to hold my temperature is because my daughter shared her bronchitis.  I have that fever-y feeling that could be real sickness or just a fibro fake out.  My throat has started feeling funky so I guess only time will tell which it is…sigh.

Today was a great food day but my water retention is not budging.  This makes me crazy!!!!  My body just flat-out refuses to lose weight when I am retaining water and I guess it makes sense but I do not know why the swelling happens in the first place.  Nope.  I am not going to get grumpy about this at this time of night.  I still have a couple of days to siphon it off and then I’ll freak out.

I was also able to be a positive influence for someone today.  She was very sweet and it made me feel so good to be there for her.


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