Mini Challenge Day Four, CI#66

Ahh, if all days could be like today.  I spent part of the first day of Spring on a photo safari at two parks near my home.  My goal was to snap as many signs of Spring as I could find.  Boy did I find a lot too.

I watched some birds building a nest, listened to a babbling brook, sucked back a tear remembering how much my grandma loved flowers, and became momentarily drunk on lilac.  Those lilacs were my biggest surprise of the day.

According to the Runstastic app on my phone I walked for 46:19.  YAY ME!!!

I also took 111 photos.

This is my personal heaven.

Warm days and my camera.

But my favorite part of my walk today was not the chunky robin or the rainbow of flowers it was the sound of the babbling brook next to the trail.  It was here I just stopped and listened.  It is one of the few times this week I just “was” with nothing else flowing through my mind except the sound of the water.  In the rush of this week, being present in that moment was the best thing I have done for myself.  I have watched the video half a dozen times already.  My best advice in all the flurry of whatever you are doing to lose weight with fibromyalgia or dealing with the pain of fibro find something which makes you stop and just be.

Balm of Gilead.


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