Sunk By Socks, CI#70

Yesterday was payday and I was a shoppin’, errand-runnin’ fool!  It was not an overly taxing day just busy enough I was not able to rest properly in between adventures to four different grocery stores, taxi duties, and bill paying.  I was also wearing cute socks.

What do socks have to do with anything?  Well…and as lame as this is going to sound it is the truth…if I am extra active in cute socks I tend to swell more than if I wear ugly socks (read diabetic-style with the bulky, loose knit cuff).  I hate ugly socks with a passion.  Socks go on feet.  Feet are gross.  Therefore socks should have a sense of humor, or at least be cute.

Honestly when I put them on, I thought my day was going to be a little freer than it ended up being.  Had it been I would have been able to elevate my feet to help keep the puffiness to a minimum.  Alas, the universe conspired with my socks and they sunk me.

But here’s the super cool thing…It was my choice of foot covering which did me in and not fibromyalgia.

All these days of pushing myself, all these days of thinking way too deeply about how to best load a shopping bag or box so I can manage it myself, all these days of moving when I do not want to, all these days of reading and researching, all these days of being determined to THRIVE are paying off.  I can grocery shop alone and in peace.  To gain this shred of independence back from the dragon is one of the most empowering things I have done for myself.  It is almost a Zen thing for me most of the time.  Yesterday was not exception.  I was a little more hurried than I prefer but I had a wonderful time out searching for the best deals for my family.  Hello, non-scale victory!

But, by the time I finally held still yesterday my ankles were puffy and when they are puffy like that I cannot sit in my desk chair, or any chair.  My spot is either the recliner or flat on my back with a wedge pillow to elevate my legs.  I fussed and I fidgeted and I even tried coming to the computer a couple of times but I knew if I pushed myself to sit here an write the puffy would only get worse.  So, I didn’t post.  I THRIVED the day at the expense of coming here to report on it.   That tiny bit of limitation was the only frustrating part of my day.  I have come a long way.



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