Some Interesting Thyroid Research And An FYI, CI#76

Let’s start with the FYI….So Give It 100 made some changes to their site based on user feedback.  Now, instead of being able to catch-up missed days the count starts from wherever you left off.  I missed most of the week so while this should be CI#76 on the Give It 100 site, it’s video 73.  I haven’t quite decided what to do about the mismatched numbers.  I’ll think on it more tomorrow.

Now about the research…

So I read an article about the vitamins and minerals the thyroid uses to process the hormones and how in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis patients those nutrients are often in short supply.  Of course, I started wondering how my own records stack up to the claim of the article.

Thank God (no that is not a vain comment) I have been keeping excellent records with and can access the breakdown of these specific nutrients with just a few clicks of my mouse.

The results were very interesting.  I was able to undercover a correlation between lower levels of some of the nutrients and dismal to non-existent weight loss.  Conversely, I found higher levels correlated with better results.

Hummmmmmmmmm, very, very interesting.

Oh you know I’m going to follow this and see where it goes.

For over a decade I have said, “It doesn’t seem to matter how many calories I eat because there is no rhyme or reason to my body losing weight.”  There was even a time about eight years ago I proved I could gain AND lose weight eating an average of 1800 calories.  I never could figure why.

This has been my “normal” weight loss story since 2002.


I did everything I could think of to switch things up to find the “magic” my body needed.  I never found the “it” I was searching for simply because the only thing I could prove is it really did not matter how much I exercised or what sort of food plan I followed my average remained about one pound per month.


My inability to find the “it” is what lead me to almost have weight loss surgery last year.  However, interestingly enough on the advice of several fellow Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis patients who have had weight loss surgery and are still battling to lose weight and whose universal recommendation was to not follow with surgery through without a good endocrinologist on my team; I decided to step back and continue to work on finding the right specialist to make sure such a drastic intervention would not be fruitless. My current doctor is not a specialist and refuses to re-test my antibody levels since my TSH is “normal.”  I know, I know…You’re screaming at the screen.


At least for the time being, it was the right decision because there is nothing to convince me my thyroid is working properly if my body is failing to release weight while having a “normal” TSH, a reduced calorie diet, and sufficient exercise.

This feels like the closest to “it” I have ever come.  It makes all the randomness make sense.  If my body doesn’t have the right micronutrients my thyroid needs to function at optimum levels then it really isn’t going to matter what I do.  Broken things do not work until they are fixed…all the way fixed.  It is a universal law.  All the mornings I started at the amber pill bottle and wondered what was wrong with the pills and my body.

“Why can’t you get along?”

I swallowed those pills every morning without the least bit of faith they would actually work.  They weren’t working…together.  I have known it for a decade.

Tonight is the first time any of my experience makes the tiniest sliver of sense.

As I looked up each nutrient, suddenly some of my food cravings made sense.

I actually get a little twitchy and sad if I go too many days without carrots.  You read that right, carrots.

I crave them more than chocolate.


Carrots give my body Vitamin A.

Second to carrots, my body screams for peppers.  Peppers give my body Vitamin C and anatabine, which helps negate the effects of the thyroid antibodies my body produces.  I have craved peppers my whole life.  As a child, I would rather have a sweet green pepper than an apple any day.  The substance is also in potatoes (and all others in Solanaceae family).  Do you remember I devoted an entire post to the lovely vegetable.  As it turns out, research has proven anatabine and vitamins A and D combine to combat inflammation.

If you are reading this and have fibromyalgia, apparently the “rule” to avoid the Solanaceae family, also known as nightshades, could actually be pain increasing and potentially dangerous dietary advice if you also have Hashi’s. Furthermore, one of the commonalities between the two diseases is gut absorption problems so it likely we need more than the RDA of each nutrient to actually “get” what our bodies need.

Interestingly enough, according to the article I linked anatabine is also present in another nightshade, tobacco, and most Hashi’s patients report a worsening of symptoms after quitting smoking.

Guess when I was at a normal weight?

The same freakin’ period of time I was a smoker.

When did I balloon up and suddenly become “unable” to lose weight?

Yep, when I quit smoking.


Another of my must have foods are nuts and seeds.  These little gems are chock full of three of the other key nutrients–Vitamin E, selenium, and manganese–and I eat them regularly.  Cravings for them are not as strong as carrots but I do notice I “need” them from time to time.  Without them even a normal thyroid will struggle and those with a compromised thyroid may never find relief from their symptoms.

Is it possible my body is actually pretty smart?

My body…the one I have spent the last decade bitching about…smart?

Is the morale of this story: NEVER GIVE UP!

So it seems…on both counts.

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional.  I am a frustrated and seeking patient.  No information in this post is meant to be or substitute for medical advice.  Please consult your doctor about all medical decisions including dietary changes.




2 thoughts on “Some Interesting Thyroid Research And An FYI, CI#76

  1. Hmmmmmm Very interesting. I always have carrots on hand.. Even started juicing them.. This week I went through four pounds of carrots in juicing and I have been feeling so much better. Sunflower seeds and nuts are also always on hand.

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